Best Baby Activity Center

Best Baby Activity CenterTraining your baby on how to walk involves them learning to move their legs confidently by balancing themselves in an upright position.

A baby activity center will teach your infant how to do so quickly since their walk is slightly suspended. Toys are accompanied on the table to keep them busy as leg movement becomes second nature.

What is the Best Baby Activity Center in 2020?

Below are seven of the Best Baby Activity Center sold online, designed to assist your infant or young toddler in mastering the basic fundamentals of controlling their posture, all while having fun doing it.

WeightElectronic ToysWheelsAge Range
(Editor's Choice)
16 lbsYesNo3-12 months
Bright Starts
(People’s Choice)
20 lbsYesYes6-36 months
Summer Infant
(Best Price)
10.8 lbsNoNo6-12 months
13.23 lbsNoNo5 months-5 years
15 lbsYesNo4-12 months
21.7 lbsYesNo4-12 months
19 lbsYesNo6-12 months

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1. Fisher-Price – Best Baby Activity Center (Editor’s Choice)

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo review

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is has a circular-shaped button and grey frame that circles around the activity center.

There are loads of toys for your child to keep them busy. The seat is shaped like a red frog with cushioning high enough for short or taller infants to feel comfortable inside the sitter.

Play More Safely

The leg supports are very strong and non-abrasive, meaning they won’t wear down overtime and expose your baby to any cutting hazards.

As you place your baby into the seat, you’ll notice the wide bottom below, which further lowers strain on the legs and back. This is important for your child as some sitters are refused by children simply from being too uncomfortable.

Moving It Around

Yet there is room for improvement. As your baby plays with the toys, they will become loosened quickly, particularly the birds and figurines directly below it.

And attempting to fold this will be pointless unless the room it’s in has double doors for an exit. You’ll likely have to take apart the entire center before moving to another location, especially if your house or apartment is small.

Overall, the Fisher-Price Jumperoo is recommended for any baby and makes an ideal product for parents who want something that’s safe yet includes enough activities to keep them entertained. Assembly is very easy and should be finished within five minutes.

  • Strong legs supports that won’t wear down overtime
  • Straightforward assembly takes less than five minutes to put together
  • The seat has a wide bottom, decreasing the likelihood of strain in the rear and legs
  • Cushioning on the upper portion of the chair is ideal for babies that cannot stand in an upright position
  • The toys sometimes become loose, releasing from their base when handled roughly
  • Even when folded, the product still large dimensions that take up lots of storage space
  • Difficult to move it in other rooms while intact (hard to get it through doorways)

2. Bright Starts – Best Rated Baby Activity Center (People’s Choice)

3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center review

The 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center is very colorful, an attribute that seems to be missing on many activity centers made recently.

There are buttons that play different sounds and interactive toys on all parts of the table, some of them great for teething.

Around and Around

The table is separate from the walker, it resembles a motorcycle sidecar. The table is attached and circles around the sitter, which has two legs outfitted with wheels.

Your baby can practice walking with this feature, or bouncing in a single position while they learn to keep themselves in an upright stance.

Once they’ve outgrown the walker, just take it off and the table doubles it’s lifetime by converting into a separate play area. One of the best ideas presented with this is how other children can also play with the toys that are within reach on a separate walker.

Multi-Play Features

A downside is how far the attached walker is to the toys. For any item that’s on the opposite side of the table, your child will probably not be able to reach it. While they could go on the other side using the wheels, this won’t be possible if walking is still being learned (but could encourage walking).

If placed above a carpeted floor, the friction could inhibit rolling. As such, this activity center is best on hard floors and carpets without loose strands on the ends.

Consider the We Go Activity Center if you have multiple children since the odd placement leaves room for a second child to join in on the fun. There’s even a small tray area for them to place more toys, so it certainly will please them for a long time after they’ve learned to walk.

  • The walker can be taken off once outgrown
  • Toy pieces are interactive and make lots of different sounds
  • Comes with an empty tray table where alternative toys can be attached
  • Short infants and toddlers will have trouble reaching the opposite end of the table when placed in the walker
  • The wheels becomes stiff when used on carpeted floors
  • The entire table becomes loose easily and must be tightened periodically, especially after heavy play

3. Summer Infant – Best Price Baby Activity Centre (Best Price)

Summer Infant Pop N' Jump Portable Activity Center review

When you’re outside, at the park, or on the beach, holding your baby may tire you out quickly and leave little room for you to attend them without being in your arms.

The Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump aims to solve this problem by being a beach chair for babies and toddlers.

There’s a mat under where their feet will go, so you won’t have any concerns for small critters such as spiders or mosquitoes getting close to their legs.

Cover From The Sun

On top there’s a canopy, wide enough to cover most areas of the directly below with shade. It curves like an arch on each side, shielding your child from wind gusts as well.

A mesh portion is near the tips to keep their (and your) sight in range. And the fold is neat and quick, just bend the center of the legs and pull up; the activity center will fold vertically and fit in most small spaces with at least a typical folding chairs worth of space available.

Materials and Washing

However, some critique is needed. It’s a high probability that you will end up bringing additional toys with you for your child to play with, as what’s featured on the table is drab and, depending on the baby, possibly boring.

There’s also the chance of causing damage to the device since a slight brush by someone’s shoe could move the product and any kid that’s placed inside. And if you like to feed your baby when in the activity center, you will end up washing this quite frequently since the fabric material is easily stained.

Overall, a great outdoor product for babies and parents that love being outside and need something to keep their infant secured in a safe place.

  • Lightweight build makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Comes with a travel case and canopy to block out the sun
  • Vertical fold is compact enough to fit in most closets and car trunks
  • There are few toys available on the fabric tabletop
  • The fabric becomes stained easily and must be washed to prevent bacterial growth
  • Can be knocked over easily if brushed or place near uneven surfaces

4. Oribel – Best Baby Stationary Activity center

Oribel PortaPlay Travel Activity Center review

Today, more toys are being produced that can last much longer than the age ranges of an infant and toddler, the Oribel PortaPlay Travel Center obviously had this in mind when designing their table.

For starters, The seat has a very soft cushion at the center that’s wide, helping a baby to stabilize themselves without trying too hard, reducing the likelihood of crying from being in a posture they’re not accustomed to.

Folding Made Easy

When it’s time to put it away, you can pull the green latches and the legs will fold into themselves, going into a hollow area at the bottom of the table. The dimensions at this size are small enough to fit under a bed, between narrow items in a closet that’s already full, and behind furniture appliances.

The toys are also well designed. Oribel made sure to consider shorter babies, as the play items are all within arm’s length of infants and perfectly safe in build, having no small or sharp parts that could lead to injury.
With this being said, your baby won’t be able to bounce themselves in the chair very well and there are no sounds, musical instruments, or lights to keep them distracted. It’s likely that they will become distracted by something outside of the activity center if there are already many toys for them to play with.

Longevity Overtime

Regardless, the PortaPlay Travel Activity Center may become used at a later time since the center has the option of being switched to convert as a real table. As they later grow into a toddler, they can use the tray to practice writing, drawing, or play with other toys on. Without a doubt, there’s plenty of versatility with this product.

  • The table’s legs collapse into itself, laying completely flat for easy storage in confined spaces
  • The top can be converted into an ordinary table once the toys and walker are outgrown
  • Toys are large and easy for short babies to reach
  • The toys are permanently fixed inwards and cannot be turned around
  • Does not allow the baby to bounce when placed in the sitter
  • Toys produce no sound effects or lights

5. Skip Hop – Best Baby Bouncer Activity Center

Skip Hop Explore and More 3-Stage Activity Center review

The Skip Hop Explore and More Activity Center was made using some innovative techniques that aren’t seen in some of its competitors’ products in the same category.

The white tabletop is brightened with lots of great looking toys.

The whole product looks good as a centerpiece to any baby’s playroom or bedroom and is easy to clean and assemble when taken out of the box.

What Your Baby Can Learn

Your baby is suspended from the sitter, their feet stopping to rest on a board underneath that has keyboards in the front. A small opening on top allows them to view the buttons, so they can press their feet on them to make a sound.

This is a great way for your infant to pick up on early gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, or to just get them tired enough for rest.

Feet Pedals and More

There is some information that you should know about before you buy. The owl toy that’s inside the tree pops up and can go back down inside when a child presses it in. If they do so with their finger, they risk getting their finger stuck inside.

You may want your baby to avoid this if their curiosity is high for such toys. The lower plate is also no good for bouncing and further restricted since no springs are featured near the sitter.

Overall, you will like this device for all the sounds it makes, particularly if your baby is only distracted by audible or moving toys. They have lots of ways to play that incorporate the use of their arms and feet, making them happy and well rested once finished.

  • Toys are attached with clips that can be placed anywhere on the edge of the table
  • Has buttons at the bottom seat that can be pressed with an infant’s feet
  • Has a gap on the edge of the table that helps babies view the lower buttons easier
  • No springs are featured in the seat, making jumping nonexistent
  • The bottom plate further hinders jumping and accumulates dirt easily
  • The owl toy, when pressed, can jam a baby’s fingers in the hold, causing injury

6. Evenflo – Best Jumper Activity Center for Baby

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper review

Fit For a Better Height

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper is useful to babies that are growing rapidly since the entire product can be adjusted to better meet their height.

The little green pagodas are framed with a circular piece that surrounds the bottom, along with a centerboard that helps get them to an upright posture. It’s very sturdy and well suited for bouncing.

Lights, Sounds, and Batteries

Disassembly will be a pain, however, you must take it apart again to move it in a different room with a narrow doorway. And get ready to use many batteries to keep the lights and sounds work. It takes six AAA batteries and they tend to drain at a rapid pace.
And one toy, in particular could pose a bruising hazard. Be sure to inspect every toy and keep them attended to while playing, avoiding any bouncing if anything is near their mouth. In the end, the activity center will surely be a treat with all the sounds and sights for them to focus their time on.

  • Has three different levels of height adjustments
  • There are multiple light and sound features available on the toys
  • Stimulates movement that will lead to rest
  • When moving into different rooms, the entire product must be taken apart to fit through doors
  • Lots of batteries (six AAA) required to use the sound and light features
  • The edges on the teething toys are pointed, not recommended for babies to put in their mouth

7. Baby Einstein – Best Baby Walker Activity Center

Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper review

The last product featured is the Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper. The level of interactive play with this item is uniquely themed, changing as they rotate to discover new toys and colors.

There’re also things to play with from above, situated on the upper framework of the product.

Hooks in the same area can also attach to separately acquired toys.

Stable on Many Surfaces

No matter if your floor is carpeted or hard, the bottom won’t shift around or come apart easily. There are no wheels, so the only motion they’re capable of is bouncing and rotating. If you want a sitter that keeps your baby stationary but without the ability to walk with it, this activity center will suffice.

On occasion, the swivel that rotates the seat may stop, making the child’s movement impossible until fixed. To do so, you may have to move them from the sitter and align it back to continue their play. Furthermore, use care when you do lift them up.

There are abrasive areas around the bottom. If you move too quickly, you could scratch their feet as they brush against it. Straighten out their legs and move slowly as you pick them up from the sitting area.

Toys That Help Them Learn

The Neighborhood Friends Jumper will still be a fun product for most children who want to play but not walk around. Use it help them learn numbers and the names of everyday sightings (flowers, birds, etc). You will love the way every toy seems to surround them at all angles, and their imagination that follows.

  • Has a large assortment of colorful and various toys on the table and upper frame
  • The bars have extra loops for additional toy attachments
  • Stays secure of both hard and carpeted floors
  • The swivel on the seat becomes stuck periodically
  • Occasionally will play music on its own; uses up batteries quickly
  • The bottom of the seat has a plastic lining that could scratch a baby’s feet as they are lifted from the seat

Best Baby Activity Center Review – Buyer’s Guide

Activity centers are used for many purposes other than toys. While it should be factored into your final purchasing decision, there’s more you should know about before you narrow down your search on a particular item just yet.

The following are aspects to remember beforehand:


Best Baby Activity Center Review – SafetySafety is without question the more important thing regarding any children’s toy. Yet it can get a little tricky, too.

What’s safe for one baby/toddler may not be okay for another. As the same time, there’s little room for taking any risks.

If you think your child would risk hurting themselves from a certain toy or section on an activity center, look for another product that doesn’t raise concern.


Best Baby Activity Center Review – BouncingSome activity centers will have springs in the support area of the seat that’s within the fabric and cannot be seen; they allow the baby to jump up and down slightly, helping them gain confidence in posture and walking abilities.

Other brands may not offer this or simply make it too difficult for them to undertake.

Usually, those with boards at the bottom are not recommended for a kid that loves to bounce.

Fold or not to Fold

Best Baby Activity Center Review – Fold or not to FoldEven though some products might be marketed as being able to fold, others won’t confine to the dimensions needed to easily fit through doors, especially doors that are narrow and corridors with little space.

As you assemble the activity center, do it in a place where you won’t need to take it out the room too often.

In fact, some would need to be completely disassembled if changing rooms. You don’t want to continue this process every day, so the child’s bedroom or living room (anywhere they spend the most time when awake) could be the best option for you.

Additional Considerations

Best Baby Activity Center Review – Additional ConsiderationsAnything that’s audible or has lights with playful music will capture the attention of a child. They love to play with anything that broadens their imagination. As such, an activity center with these features will generate lots of noise, so be prepared to hear sounds whenever it’s time for them to play.

There’s also the need for batteries, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to avoid getting one that requires them. You don’t want to have your child grow accustomed to the music and suddenly have it stop working.

Thankfully, there’s still lots of great activity centers with no music at all. These will often feature more room for additional toys, so if your baby already has many figures that make noises, you could look for something that allows the product to attach to the table.


conclusionWhen you’re ready to pick the activity center you want the most, consider the information laid out in the guidelines. Then, if necessary, view the positive attributes and not-so-great aspects of the product you have in mind.

Doing so will ensure you’ll end up with something that your baby will enjoy throughout their young lives. That said, there was one product, Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo that stood out above all the others we reviewed as the Editor’s Choice Best Baby Activity Center.

And, as a reward, happiness from seeing your child use tools that can develop their first steps at learning will be beyond gratifying. But if you are looking for the Best Price than Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center is for you.