Best Baby Push Walker

When a baby develops an interest in their surroundings and starts playing with toys, it is crucial that they are encouraged with products that help them learn, grow, and have fun. One such product is a baby walker.

During the early stages of crawling, they begin to explore the world around them. You can assist your child’s growth in walking skill and allow them to explore while standing upright.

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You should do some research about selecting the best baby push walker if you want your child’s development to be nurtured. I wrote a buyer’s guide for the best baby walkers to help point out some things you should be careful to look for. Also, I reviewed seven different products available that might be good options for your child depending on their stage of development.

What is the Best Baby Push Walker in 2020?

There are many advantages to getting your child a baby walker. There are also many features that you should know about and watch for while you are shopping. There’s plenty of things to consider when buying this product for your baby.

Recommended ageItem WeightDimensions
(Editor’s Choice)
9 month - 3 years4.8 pounds14.2 x 16.5 x 18.1 Check Price
12 month - 2 years1 pounds15 x 15 x 11.8 Check Price
Little Tikes 3-in-1
(Best Price)
9 - 36 months6.3 pounds21.2 x 17.2 x 16.7 Check Price
Joovy Spoon
(People’s Choice)
4 -7 months12.3 pounds27.8 x 25.5 x 18 Check Price
6 months - 4 years2.2 pounds26.9 x 3.5 x 16 Check Price
12 month - 3 years2 pounds21 x 11.5 x 18 Check Price
6-12 month12 pounds29.2 x 25.4 x 5.2 Check Price
9 month - 3 years4.4 pounds19 x 6.5 x 14 Check Price

1. VTech – Best Baby Push Walker (Editor’s Choice)

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker ReviewThe Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is interactive and has many features to keep your baby amused.

The play panel that is included can be removed, so your baby will be able to play with it anywhere. There are more than 70 samples of music, sounds, songs, and phrases that help the baby learn as they get older. A 5-key piano is included to spark a baby’s creativity.

This product is very cheap and great for parents on a budget. It encourages the baby to stand up and to start walking while also trying to educate them along the way. Two settings are available to grow with the child as they begin walking more easily.

These setting can also help when dealing with different surfaces on the floor. The faster speed will work better on the carpet, and the lower speed is better for use on the hardwood.

This is a good reasonably priced baby walker. If you are a parent on a budget, this will be a perfect choice. It won’t make you go broke and has quite a few important features included.

  • Low price
  • Toys for developing motor skills
  • Over 70 sounds
  • Noisy flashing can annoy many adults
  • Makes noise without touching it
  • A little to light

2. Melissa & Doug – Best Baby Push Walker for Hardwood Floors

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator ReviewThe Melissa and Doug Deluxe Push Toy and Activity Walker is made from wood and includes engaging activities for your baby.

This best baby push walker for hardwood floors was made with good craftsmanship and has a sturdy construction. Three alligators chomp as the wheels turn. There are fish on the wheels, a spinning butterfly, and some ladybug beads. It makes noises as the child pushes it as well.

The alligators keep the babies attention as they are walking and always trying to catch up to them. This toy encourages your child to walk and discover the world around them. This cheerful toy promotes better motor skills while improving hand-eye coordination.

This is a handcrafted wooden toy that serves as a dependable tool helping children. The alligators help your child better understand cause and effect as they walk and force the alligators to move.

This toy also helps to increase your babies agility and balance as they exercise. The handle is easy to hold, and the non-skid wheels allow your baby to walk on smooth surfaces while not moving too fast.

If you’re trying to stay away from the plastic products, this is a great wooden walker that has a couple of beneficial features your baby will need.

  • Wooden walker with activities
  • Made sturdy
  • Alligators make noise as the baby pushes
  • Tilts backwards if your baby puts their weight on it
  • Really, really loud
  • Wheels have very little clearance and catch on everything

3. Little Tikes – Best Baby Walker Push Toy (Best Price)

Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker ReviewThe Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker has more than 70 activities including songs and sounds. Your baby will be able to learn about colors, shapes, and music with this walker.

Three play modes include words, music, and wild. In the words play mode, pressing buttons says shapes or colors. Music mode plays different melodies when your baby presses any buttons. The wild mode creates jungle animal noises when you press any buttons.

A few of the activities included on this best baby walker push toy are flipping books, a spinning drum, numbers engraved into it, a light dome that glows, piano keys, a spinning ball, two animal clickers, turning gears, and a peek-a-boo mirror with a slider.

Some assembly is required for this product, and you will need 3 AA batteries which are included. It functions as a walker, an activity table, and a sit and play.

This product features so many different things to do that your baby will never get bored with this walker. Pick this up for a feature-packed activity center for a very reasonable cost.

  • 3-in-1 walker
  • Folds down into an activity table or activity panel
  • Folds flat for play while they are sitting on the ground
  • After it is put together it does not come back apart
  • Issues with the wheels not turning after put together
  • Screws fall out posing danger to your baby

4. Joovy Spoon – Balance between eating, playing and learning to walk (People’s Choice)

Joovy Spoon Walker ReviewThe Joovy Spoon Walker has a simple design using all-white plastic and a green seat cushion. The tray that’s included can easily be removed and cleaned.

The base of this walker is wide and pretty sturdy eliminating the chances of your baby’s toes getting caught. Three different height levels can be adjusted to grow with your child. A non-slip stair pad is included for safety.

The Joovy Spoon has a large tray that is bigger than most available. No toys are built into this walker, but the tray is easily able to accommodate the favorite toys of your baby. It can be used for holding food or toys. The padded seat can be removed easily and cleaned.

This is a simple choice for what you might be looking for but has a little higher price tag than others that include more features. It’s not a bad choice if you want them to stand while they are eating and leaves you with easy cleanup.

  • Super-sized removable tray
  • Wide base and adjustable height positions
  • Folds flat for storing
  • Adjustable height doesn’t go high enough
  • Some have issues rolling at all
  • Seat is a little shallow

5. Fisher-Price Learn with Me – A Great Tool To Help Kids Walk Quickly

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker review

Give Your Child a Helping hand With Their Walking Ability

Seeing your toddler walk on their own for the first time a lasting memory for any parent, even as their kid grows older into adulthood.

For it to happen, children must first learn to feel the balance of their bodies and most their legs in a rhythmic pedal that prevents them from falling.

The Fisher-Price Learn with Me Walker is just the tool to achieve this. It’s shaped like a zebra, and features interactive toys on the front that produce sounds at the buttons are pressed.

At the rear is a handle, which it held whenever the entire toy is to be pushed. This also keeps them from falling when they move forward.

Slick Wheels, Slack Stickers

However, this is an area for concern. The wheels are slick and have little traction on smooth surfaces.

If you have anything other than carpet on your floors, the wheels might not roll at all and simply drag on the surface as your child moved forward with their toy.

The sticker located on the front may also come off early in the toy’s life, so be sure to avoid contact with too much water whenever you’re cleaning it.

Overall, the Zebra Walker is a great stepping stone to literally help boost your child into walking on their own with no assistance.
  • Built so that toddlers can play with the toy while walking or sitting
  • Allows children to keep their balance and practice walking in an upright position
  • Has noise and light indicators on the front to keep them busy when walking isn’t preferred
  • When attempting to roll, will be slowed by resistance to hard floors
  • On carpeted floors, the toy moves too fast, lowering the level of effort it takes children to become better at walking on their own
  • The stickers placed on the toy may chip and peel off over time

6. Little Tikes Ride-On – Best Baby Push Along Walker

Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Ride-On Elephantv ReviewThe Little Tikes Scoot Around Elephant is a toy that babies can walk, ride, and play with.

This 3-in-1 ride on helps babies to walk, play, and scoot. They power the elephant as they ride it. The handle of this best baby push along walker is easy to hold and helps to engage the child in walker mode.

Three colorful balls are included to drop in the elephant’s trunk. You can store things in the space under the seat or in the elephant’s mouth.

You child can sit on the elephant and ride it, stand and walk behind the elephant, or play with the elephant using the balls. The elephant is cute, and your baby will love it.

This is an entertaining product for your baby to ride on or walk behind. It’s easy to use and perfect for keeping a baby entertained.

  • 3-in-1 blue elephant
  • Extra storage space
  • Handle works well for walker mode
  • The seat opening up for storage can be uncomfortable for a child
  • Wheels have no traction on hardwood floors
  • Seat is a little too high for the smallest children to get on themselves

7. Disney Walker – Music and Lights Walker

Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker ReviewThe Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker is a product made with pride by a respectable kids company. They incorporate Disney magic into this great product.

Disney worked with other brands to provide a well made and uniquely Disney product. This walker is designed as a comfortable chair that includes back support.

This helps to stop your baby from getting tired while they are in the walker. It is made of plastic providing you baby with grip when they are moving around.

It is very easy to clean with a removable seat that can be washed in a machine. The rest is made of plastic that wipes clean easily.

A snack tray is provided featuring space for food or toys. They can have something to eat while they are playing with their toys.

It folds up to become more portable or to be stored away easily. It is possible to fold it while the baby is still in it allowing you to move them together to another room. This saves you the time of unstrapping and strapping your child in the walker. The wheels have grips that will prevent the walker from moving on rough surfaces.

This is another good choice for your baby. It doesn’t have much for extras but is a solid product that will last for awhile.

  • Easily cleaned
  • Folds up for portability or storage
  • Tray works great for snacks or toys
  • Difficult to adjust the height
  • Difficult to remove the snack tray
  • No restraint included

8. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings – Best Push Walker for Baby

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker ReviewThe Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker is a colorful baby walker featuring four large wheels that offer extra stability while walking.

The activity area has many different entertaining features like gears that spin and turn and beads that slide. The baby can use the activity panel while they are sitting down as well.

The walker folds up easily for storage. This best push walker for baby is highly recommended by many parents that have used it in the past.

It encourages the child to walk independently. It has no problem supporting your babies weight while they are trying to stand up.

No batteries are required for the toy panel, and it isn’t loud and musical. If you don’t like the noises that others create this is a better choice that will annoy you less. It’s possible that your child will find this toy boring since there are no noises.

The Fisher-Price walker is good on a variety of surfaces such as carpets and hardwoods. They made a good product that has many features that making it more valuable.

  • Folds up for storage
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Big wheels offer stability while walking
  • Lightweight and the wheels spin a little too easily
  • Moves too fast for babies first steps
  • Falls over too easily

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Buyer’s Guide

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Advantages of a Baby Push WalkerWell, that is all the reviews I have for you today. I hope that the baby push walker buyer’s guide helped you pick out what is most important for your baby and showed you which items might make good choices. They will surely benefit from the use of a product similar to these.

Advantages of a Baby Push Walker

There are a lot of benefits of a baby having a push walker as they are growing. Here’s the most important:

Improves Motor Skills

During this learning time of your child’s development, they begin having the notion of movement.

Instead of trying to walk on their own, they can get support from a push walker toy. It helps them develop motor skills and provides a sense of coordination and movement they didn’t have before. By using the help of products such as these, they will begin generating their motor skills until they begin walking on their own.

Develops Imagination

The imagination and curiosity of a child are important to be developed. These toys are a good way to stimulate a child’s imagination. Many have lights, colors, and designs meant to capture the attention of the baby. This type of feature helps establish a baby’s skill.

Learning More

Many of the baby walkers that are coming out today include educational accessories to help a baby learn new things. This will help keep the babies mind rejuvenated.

These are a just a few of the benefits of having a baby walker. Next, I’m going to cover the qualities of the best baby push walkers.

Qualities of a Great Baby Push Walker

Higher quality baby push walkers have features that ordinary ones don’t have. Here are a few of the qualities you should focus on as you look for something your child will benefit from.


If a product is supposed to hold your baby steady as they walk with it, it should be extremely sturdy itself. The more steady your baby’s push walker is, the fewer tumbles and falls they will have while first learning to walk. Make sure that the product has a heavy base that will keep the center of gravity close the surface, so it doesn’t tip while they are walking.

Sturdy Base and Good Wheel Design

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Sturdy Base and Good Wheel Design

A base should be heavy as well as wide to provide sufficient stability. Narrow baby push walker will be more likely to tip and fall risking your child.
The wheels of the walker should have plenty of traction to help your baby walk better.
The ability to tighten the wheels or loosen them can let you adjust the walker to the child’s needs.


The height of a baby push walker can affect the baby’s progress as well. A lower base is easier for the child to get to and requires less lifting on their part. A higher base will force them to lift themselves, gaining strength all the while.

Materials Used

There are both wooden and plastic products available today. A product made from natural substances are generally safer for you baby. Plastic isn’t harmful, and the majority of walkers are made with it because they’re considered lighter and safer. Natural materials will cause no harm to a child that’s chewing on them.

The last section of the buyer’s guide explains the different features that make the best baby push walkers and shows you what you might want for your child.

Features of the Best Baby Push Walkers

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Features of the Best Baby Push WalkersIt can be hard to find a product that suits your baby perfectly. Different brands and styles are available what all have their own unique characteristics. Here are the features of the best push walkers available.


A walker that’s versatile can get more years of use than one that is not. Having the ability to change into a baby jumper or a bouncer down the line lets the product grow with the baby for awhile. Some even have the ability to change into a stationary activity center or a baby rocker to keep them busy and provide more play.


The cost of a baby push walker can be a major factor in the one that you choose. If you’re on a budget, try to make a list of all the features you want in the product that you buy.

When you are looking for the right walker, use this list to decide which are closer to what you are looking for. Then you have to compare prices of the products and the features included on your list that it lacks.

Basic models are available that will still be beneficial to your child’s development and will cost a very low price.


It is important that your baby is comfortable using the walker so they can use it. Look for adjustable models that you can change to fit your baby better. Also, look for ones with cup holders and a snack tray so they can eat and drink while moving around.


Like anything you buy, it’s important to ensure the walker you’re buying has a warranty to protect against faulty or damaged walkers. You will get a refund or replacement.

Safety Features

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Safety Features

A push walker should be very safe for a kid to use. A strong and wide base will help prevent many accidents. Anti-slip pads will stop them from slipping and falling while they are using it. Adjustable speed settings will not only help protect your baby but will also lengthen the life of the push walker as it adjusts to their progression. You will want as many safety features as possible when making a purchase.

Baby Entertainment

A baby will find a walker more interesting if there are things on them to help entertain them. Colorful toys or musical mobiles are two popular amusements to add to baby walkers. Bells, colors, lights, numbers, and pictures are just a few of the things added to baby push walkers to entertain the baby while they play.

Basically, the goal is to get as many features as you can while still staying within your budget.

Does a Baby Need a Baby Push Walker?

Best Baby Push Walker Review – Does a Baby Need a Baby Push WalkerArguments have been made that these products don’t help kid’s development or aid in learning to walk. There is no doubt; these items are beneficial. They help your baby’s muscles to get some work toward the final goal of walking.

They are perfect for improving motor skills of a child. They help to support children who can’t walk or stand up on their own. Pushing a walker helps them to build confidence, strength, and balance. These three things are essential to being a better walker.

Their imagination will be stimulated as they walk behind a vacuum cleaner, grocery cart, stroller, or mower. They will enter a world of fantasy where they can have fun. Baby push walkers are known to increase the self-esteem of a child as they move around.

The best baby push walkers have other educational games and activities built in to add to their value. Finding one that can change to other useful play toys can make the toy last a very long time and be very versatile.

This is definitely a type of toy you should think about getting your baby. Here are reviews for seven of the best options today.