8 Best Birthday Gifts For Your Children 2021 – Top Picks

Giving a birthday gift to your children is a meaningful experience. Although you can give them anything as a gift but it won’t be a healthy thing for them. Gifts are a source of love and affection among people.

Therefore, when you give something as a gift to someone, it should have a message behind it. So what if you try something new this time? How about giving a walkie talkie as a gift?

Walkie talkies are an amazing communication medium. Although we are now in a time where communication is not a problem, but we still need to provide our kids with something useful to them. The mobile phone can allow them to communicate better but won’t be much helpful. Instead, they will cause ham rot in the eyes.

So here is a list of some of the best walkie talkies that you can get for your children.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls

1. HPROMOT Walkie Talkie for Kids

HPROMOT Walkie Talkies for Kids Rechargeable


This HPROMOT walkie-talkie is specially made for children who are of 6 to 12 years of age. Therefore, the design and color choices are accordingly. You will have the option of getting a pair of the same colors or different ones.

So this makes a total of 3 color options available for you. Either two pink ones, for girls. Two blue ones for boys. And a pair of pink and one blue.

It has a built-in battery and therefore, you will need to recharge it. So even if you are going out for a picnic, you can take it along with you. It will allow the children to enjoy their time while playing outside.

Likewise, they can also use it in their neighboring playground. Have all the fun time and come back home to recharge it. Thus, there won’t be a need to carry extra batteries.

Furthermore, it also allows radio connectivity to 22 channels. Thus, a complete entertainment package for your kids. This makes it a perfect gift that you can give to your children. They will surely love it because it gives them an opportunity to go and play with tier friends.

2. Midland X-Talker Walkie Talkie for Kids

Midland X-TALKER 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkie for Kids


This one comes in a set of 4. So if you have more children and you need to buy it for all of them, you can choose this. Furthermore, you can gift it to your only son or daughter so that they can gift them to their close friends.

Either way, a set would be a good choice because it will allow more children to participate in the game and enjoy their time.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to use. All you need to do is to push the button to talk. And this button is located at the center of the device, unlike other ones. So there is no chance of accidental press. The kids will need to press the button to talk.

And yes, there are belt clips too. This will be a useful thing when it comes to handling handheld gadgets. Kids run all the way while playing and if they are carrying something in their hands, there is a chance that it will fall down.

Furthermore, it would be troublesome for the kids to keep it in their hands all the time. Thus, they might keep it somewhere and forget to bring it back. The belt clip will get rid of all these troubles.

3. Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio (3 in 1)

Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio


This walkie talkie set comes in 3 pieces so that makes it a family-friendly gadget. If you have a kid, you can gift it to him or her and can play by keeping the two gadgets by yourself.

So all three of you can enjoy your family time. Or if you want your child to enjoy his time with his friends, allow him to gift the other 2 to his close friends.

This walkie talkie comes with a range of 16 miles. So you will have a long way to communicate with each other. This makes it easy to use in outdoor settings.

Whether the kids are playing in the playground or are on a trip in a hilly area, you can communicate with them over this distance. And if there is some problem with transmission because of terrain, you will still be able to talk to them at 8 miles distance.

So enjoy your short and long trips with your family. Or use the radio when you get bored. This one gadget allows you to do so.

Buying guide

Best Birthday Gifts For Your Children
Source: groupon.com

Before purchasing the walkie talkie, you should also look for the important and must-have features and that includes;

Range of functional options

Although the main purpose of a walkie talkie is to talk to each other wirelessly. However, apart from this, there are other features too. These include connecting to a radio channel.

So while purchasing the gadget, you should look for this thing. Make sure to check the radio channels with whom it can connect. This will let the children do more with their gadgets. Furthermore, it will enhance their thinking capability.

Usability time

Another important thing is the time of use. These are wireless devices and therefore, need a battery to operate. There are two options available in the market.

One is the device that is rechargeable and the other one is that runs on batteries. You can buy either one of them depending on your use. If you are going out for a picnic, batteries would be better. But if the kids will use it at home or around it, anyone would do.


The range is also an important deciding factor. This will improve the cognitive functioning of your children’s brains. Because they have to think of the range of their walkie talkie and connect with their teammates accordingly.

Thus, it can be an enriching experience for them. They will learn while playing. This makes a walkie talkie something meaningful that you should give to your children.

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