Best Drum Set for Toddler

Best Drum Set for Toddler The review of the best drum set for a toddler is a great way to choose the right drum for your kid that will have all the necessary features that are needed for a good musical drum.

Choosing the correct drum set for a child can be difficult if you’ve never been a drummer yourself. You can spend hours researching different products and be no closer to knowing what is what. It’s important to know what aspects should be focused on choosing what model is best drum set for toddler.

What is the Best Drum Set for Toddler in 2020?

I tried to create a drum set for beginners buyer’s guide that will help you figure out what you should be looking for in the musical instrument. I’ve included general information about drum sets, what features you should be aware of, and reviews to ten different products that might be the perfect choice for your aspiring musician. Feel free to check it out.

Knowing more about drums in general and knowing what to look for in a beginner’s drum kit can help you to find the what will work the best.

Recommended ageItem WeightDimensions 
(Editor’s Choice)
24 months - 5 years1.5 pounds3.9 x 12.1 x 11.5 Check Price
6 year and up42 pounds19 x 24 x 20 Check Price
6 year and up1.5 pounds16.6 x 12.8 x 2.4 Check Price
6 year and up28 pounds32.5 x 16 x 8.8 Check Price
WolVol Electric
(People’s Choice)
3 years and up2.4 pounds21 x 17.5 x 5 Check Price
9 months - 2 years1.3 pounds8.8 x 3.5 x 6.5 Check Price
(Best Price)
7 months - 12 years1 pounds11 x 7 x 11 Check Price
3 years and up12 pounds23.5 x 6.8 x 16 Check Price
1 year and up53 pounds24 x 20 x 24 Check Price
1 year and up46.5 pounds26.7 x 19.8 x 19.1 Check Price

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1. VTech – Best Drum Set for Toddler (Editor’s Choice)

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set ReviewThe Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set is a toy made for children between the ages of two and five. It features three drum pads and a cymbal with unique sounds to improve your child’s sensory development.

There are nine melodies that a toddler can play along with including pop, dance, and rock styles. This best drum kit for kids can also be used to help teach numbers, letters, and music.

It has four play modes including free play, numbers, letters, and follow-along. Each drum pad has a LED light that turns on and off depending on the play mode. This toddler’s toy includes a pair of plastic drumsticks and 3 AA batteries. You will need to purchase more as they use the drum regularly.

This is a good toy to get a very young child’s brain thinking in terms of a drummer. It isn’t extremely loud, and as long as they are in their room playing it, it shouldn’t bother others around the house. The educational tools included are a great way to get your child into learning.

  • Nine melodies for children to play along with
  • Four play modes
  • Includes drum sticks and batteries
  • Very small device
  • Doesn’t offer much complexity
  • Drum sounds go off randomly while playing

2. Mendini by Cecilio – Best Youth Drum Set

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Drum Set ReviewThe Mendini by Cecilio 16” 5-Piece Complete Drum Set is an option for kids and junior learning to play. They come with everything to play including an adjustable throne, a cymbal, a bass and hi-hat pedal, and drumsticks.

This best youth drum set is recommended for kids between 2.5′ tall and 5′ tall. This gives a lot of room for growth and could be a set that lasts a child a long time.

There is a bass drum, two tom-toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. A hi-hat with a chain driven pedal and stand and a crash symbol that mounts on the bass drum are also included. The throne is padded and can be adjusted to the height of the drummer.

This is a great choice for a child learning to play drums. Everything is included, and your child can grow quite a bit without outgrowing the set. This is a great gift for a young drummer to experience what playing a real drum set is like.

  • One-year warranty against defects
  • Bass pedal and drum sticks included
  • The right size for a child to grow into
  • Assembly is required
  • Instructions that are included are hard to understand
  • Set is a little small for older children

3. RockJam – Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit with Built in Speakers

RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit ReviewThe RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit is the first electronic drum set to be reviewed. They try to produce the sounds of a real drum through the speaker attached.

It includes nine different drum pads that offer many different kinds of sounds like a crash and ride cymbals, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, high tom, low-mid tom, floor tom, and snare.

This drum set can be rolled up for easy transport, and the pads are thick and durable. A USB MIDI connection is included that enables the drummer to upload custom beats to their computer.
Included with the electronic drum set is a pedal for the bass drum, a pedal for the hi-hat, drumsticks, a power supply, and built-in speakers.

This can be a great option for someone who does not have enough room to work with. It will also be much quieter. Headphones can be used to make the digital drum set almost silent. The ability to transfer beats to a computer could be a great benefit to a tech-savvy youngster.

  • Everything included
  • Nine drum pads and two pedals
  • Easy to transport
  • This is a toy for someone who hasn’t played drums yet
  • Sticks are not full-sized and are light
  • Sounds produces aren’t all that impressive

4. Pyle – Electric Drum Kit with 5 Drum Pad Heads

Pyle PED021M 9-Piece Electric Drum Set ReviewThe Pyle PED021M 9-Piece Electric Drum Set comes with everything necessary for digital drumming.

Included with this digital drum set are five drum pads, two cymbal pads, and two digital foot pedals for controlling the bass drum and the hi-hat. They attempt to produce a natural sound using pads with 128 levels of force velocity and pre-loaded drum sounds.

The drum pad is fully customizable for adding which sound you want to each pad. The height of the pads can also be adjusted for easier playing. It’s rugged and durable to hold up against the hardest playing styles.

A headphone jack to record and play back drumming sessions can help someone learning to hear what they are doing. It plugs into a computer for use in digital recording applications.

This is an entry-level electronic drum set that has high quality and plenty of features to keep it entertaining. This is a great present for a kid who already has a drum set but may not be able to play much because of the loud sounds. They can plug headphones into this set and be much quieter.

  • Nine-piece electronic drum set
  • Customizable and adjustable drum pads
  • Headphone jack for audio output
  • Sound of the set is a little disappointing
  • Pedals seem to catch and can be frustrating
  • Issues with everything not working on some sets

5. WolVol – Drum Set for Kids with Movable Working Microphone to Sing and a Chair (People’s Choice)

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set Review

The WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set is a toy for young kids to play with that can prepare them for a future in drumming.

As drum set, these kid’s drums are made pretty sturdy and seem to be pretty durable to stand up to the beating they’re going to get.

There are two drum pads, a kick drum pad, a cymbal, a microphone, and a stool included in the deal. Two plastic drum sticks are included, but you’ll have to provide three of your own AA batteries.

It plays songs, melodies, drum beats, and dance music. Lights flash while the drums are being played. The height of the drum is 24″ and the stool stands 8” tall.

This is an option for a very young child to get a feel of what it would be like to play on a real set one day. It will not teach them much but will keep their attention for quite a while making all that noise.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Drum sticks included
  • For very young children
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Microphone connection is easy to break
  • Very short

6. Bright Starts – Best Drum Kit For Toddlers

Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum ReviewThe Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle Drum is a toy for babies. This product won’t do much in the way of teaching a kid anything about playing drums. It can also be used for educating.

There is a number mode that a baby can count the drum beats. This best drum kit for toddlers has a color learning mode that lights correspond to colors with every drum hit.

Lights display when the toy is played with providing entertainment for babies. It has an easy-grasp handle that is easy for a baby to carry with them.

This product doesn’t really teach anything about playing drums. It is a toy for babies, and I can’t really recommend it to any child wanting to learn to play.

  • Lights flash for babies entertainment
  • Educational games are included
  • Easy-grasp handle
  • Works when it wants to
  • Can turn on when not even touching it, waking up your baby
  • Lights can be disrupting for children

7. Remo – Teaches Kids The Rhythm And Confidence To Make Music

Remo Rhythm Club Floor Tom Drum Review

Bring Out the Little Drummer in Your Child

What child doesn’t love playing music? Fun instruments will grab their attention like no other toy.

The Remo Kids Percussion Tom Drum will definitely be a hit in your household. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying the beat as much as your little one.

It’s head, while layered with a synthetic plastic lid, can be hit with either the hands or mallets that are sold with the product.

It’s All in the Rhythm

As for the sound itself, it’s tolerable but might be a little off if you’ve ever played a real set of drums before.

But since this is a child’s toy, you might not be concerned with that.

It’s resonating and a bit high in pitch. You won’t want your kid to play with this when you have a headache, but there’s little doubt that it will be the go-to toy that your kids go for the most.

Use it to make up your own songs, or have them drum along to their favorites. Whatever the case may be, the Floor Tin Drum is one of the best music toys to be had and will keep your whole family entertained.

  • The drum can be played either by hand, with the included mallets, or drumsticks
  • The drumhead is made of synthetic material (no animal parts) but remains durable and difficult to tear or break
  • Dimensions make the product suitable for a wide range of child ages (including toddlers)
  • Sound emitted produces a higher resonance than what is described
  • The mallet tips may wear away quickly if stored improperly
  • Has a mild odor to the product that’s akin to paint

8. PylePro – Tabletop Drum Set

Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit ReviewThe Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit is designed to be played on the top of a table. It is supposed to sound like an actual drum set.

This drum set is lightweight, customizable, and portable giving it an advantage on a real drum set. You can play along with prerecorded songs in the styles of soft rock, hard rock, pop, jazz, and electronic music. You even have the ability to record yourself playing.

A headphone jack is included to keep your playing quietly. A USB jack is also available for connecting to other devices. Inputs for a bass drum pedal and hi-hat pedal are also ready to use.

Seven drum pads that include touch sensitivity include 215 different programmable drum voices. 25 preset drum kits can be used, or you can make five of your own. It is powered by a DC 12v adapter or a half dozen C size batteries.

This is a pretty high-quality product that is very durable. Having the ability to connect to a computer is a definite benefit. You can take them with you and play them anywhere.

  • Play drums anywhere
  • Ability to record your playing
  • LED control display
  • Board has issues with frying after prolonged use
  • Pedals trigger twice is not applying the correct amount of pressure
  • Pads often don’t react to hits

9. Ddrum – Piece Drum Kit with Cymbals

Ddrum D2-MB-KIT-2 D2 5-Piece Drum Kit ReviewThe Ddrum D2-MB-KIT-2 D2 5-Piece Drum Kit is a real drum set that is good for a young adult to begin learning on and grow into.

The shells are made of basswood with 1.7mm hoops that are triple flanged. The bass drum is 8-ply, the snare drum is 8-ply, and the toms are 6-ply. The set uses D Series chrome lugs.

The drum set is made up of a bass drum, snare drum, two tom-toms, a floor tom, a crash ride cymbal, and a hi-hat. All the mounting hardware needed for setup is included as well.

This is a good choice for a young person who wants to learn to play drums. It is a real set and features the ability to expand by adding more drums. As your child progresses, the drum set can grow with them.

  • Expandable
  • Basswood shells
  • D Series chrome lugs
  • No cons

10. Gammon Percussion – Best Junior Drum Set

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit ReviewThe Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit has absolutely everything that you will need to start playing drums. This is a more affordable best junior drum set but is also a little smaller than the last one.

This 5-piece drum set includes all the stands for the cymbals and the drums, a pair of sticks, and a stool to sit on. The drums have a high gloss metallic blue color with chrome rims.

The set features real wood shells on a bass drum, two tom-toms, and one snare drum. The hi-hat, hi-hat stand, and mounted cymbal are included for the higher frequencies. A throne, bass drum pedal, drum key, and drum sticks are all included with this package.

This is a perfect junior sized drum and a great way to get started at a young age. They have enough quality for the very low price and include everything you’ll need to begin.

  • High-gloss metallic blue finish
  • Includes throne, drum key, and sticks
  • Metal seems to break easily
  • Sound quality is not up to par
  • Material is a little too thin

Best Drum Set for Toddler Review – Buyer’s Guide

Well, that’s it for the reviews. I hope that the buyer’s guide for a kid’s drum set was informative and gave you some ideas of what you child will want in their set. Maybe you saw a review of a product that will work well, and your shopping for a drum set can be done.

Drum Set Components

The first thing you should know is the components of a drum set. This will be a simpler overview giving you just a little bit of information important to purchase a drum kit and tips for finding one that is better suited for a beginner.

Many drum sets can look alike, but there are significant differences regarding overall quality and number of drums available.

Bass Drum or Kick Drum

Best Drum Set for Toddler Review – Bass Drum or Kick DrumA bass drum, or kick drum, is the largest drum in a drum set. It stands on its side and is played by stepping down on a foot pedal. The pedal swings a beater that makes contact with the bass drum’s head and produces a deep sound usually used on the downbeats in music.

Snare Drum

The snare drum is another main part of a drum set. It’s mounted between the drummer’s knees on a stand. When struck with a drumstick it produces a sharp, loud sound. The side of the stick can be used on the rim of the drum to produce another type of sound.


Toms, or tom-toms, are the various sized drums that are added to a kit. They produce a sound at different pitches depending on how big the drum is. Drum sets can have a couple of toms that hang from the frame of the bass drum called hanging toms. These are usually smaller than tom-toms that have their own stand on the floor.

The high tom is the smallest drum in the set that produces the highest pitch sound. A mid tom is a bit larger and is mounted on the bass drum with the high tom. The floor tom is the largest setting on a stand positioned near the drummer’s leg. These drums are placed in an arc around the drummer so they can reach them all easily. For the youngest drummers, a single tom might be sufficient. An older drummer will probably want three toms to play around with.


Best Drum Set for Toddler Review – Hi-HatA high hat is a set of two cymbals that crash together when the drummer presses a foot pedal. They can also be struck with a stick to produce other sounds. Striking the hi-hat will create different sounds whether the pedal is pressed down or not as well. This is placed next to the snare drum.


To add to the hi-hat, two common types of cymbals can be found on drum sets designed with the beginner in mind.

A crash cymbal is the loudest cymbal in the drum kit. They come in different sizes and are usually found mounted above the toms. A ride cymbal is larger than a crash or hi-hat. It can usually be found on the floor tom.

A set for a young person will usually at least have a hi-hat. One good for a junior will have a hi-hat and another cymbal. A young adult will likely prefer something with all three types of cymbal included.


Best Drum Set for Toddler Review – ThroneA drummer has to have somewhere to sit while they are playing. Usually, a drum set will have a throne included that is used. Regular chairs are too tall and don’t offer the freedom of movement needed. If the kit your looking at doesn’t have a throne, you will want to get one.

Electronic Drum Sets

While you’re shopping for a drum set, you may come across an electric drum kit. They are convenient for children to learn on because they can be played with headphones and not create nearly as much noise as a real drum set. They are often used in recording studios because of how easy it is to control the sound that is coming out and their versatility in producing different sounds.

More experienced drummers usually prefer playability and natural sound of a real set. For children, they offer a unique chance to learn while not bothering those around them as much. This is a blessing for those around an amateur drummer who is trying to learn what they are doing. They carry a higher price than what an acoustic drum set for beginners does.

Drum Kit Accessories

Best Drum Set for Toddler Review – Drum Kit AccessoriesSome optional accessories are available that can add to a drummer’s experience. Some are required if you wish for your little drummer to have the ability to play on the set right away. Some kits do come with sticks, but you will likely have to purchase them separately. They have sizes denoted by a number and letter combination. A higher number is thinner so you should look for a smaller number that will be more durable and last longer.

Dampening devices are sold that dampen the drum head a little to produce a better sound. Gels are also available that do the same thing. An impact pad can be bought for a bass drum to increase the drum head’s life.

Practice pads allow for an almost silent practice session and provide playing dynamics similar to real drums. Professional drummers will use these to practice at times playing isn’t possible.

Things Affecting the Type of Drum Needed

There is no best drum or brand for everyone, and the best choice for an individual is based on a few different things. Here are a couple of especially important factors.

The Drummer’s Age

The younger the child is, the less sophisticated and diverse the drum set should be. The youngest kids should start with a three-piece drum set that includes a bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. This will give them a place to start without overwhelming them with options.

A child that is a little older might be ready for a five-piece that adds a tom-tom and another cymbal to the available sound arsenal. A child in high school will be able to perform on a set that includes everything a real set would.

Keep the child’s age in mind when searching for the right drum set.


With prices of drum sets going well into the thousands of dollars, your budget can be a deciding factor is how complex of a drum set can be purchased. Three piece drum sets might cost anywhere from $80 to $130. A five-piece set will probably be over $180. Be aware that the lower a drum’s cost means the quality of materials and artistry will also be lower. More expensive sets will probably last longer and be more durable.


Having tons of room will not affect the size of the set but if the area the drum will be played in is limited make sure to buy one that will fit comfortably. A three-piece drum set will require less room than a five-piece. Usually you can find measurements of a drum set before purchase and check to see if the designated area will support a set of that size.

Future Use

Although buying a drum set that is appropriate for a child of a certain age has its benefits, they may grow out of them before long requiring you to purchase another set prematurely. If you think that the child will continue to play drums for a few years or has already shown an interest for a couple of years, purchase something a little bit bigger than what is recommended so they can grow into it. This will save you replacement costs in the future and challenge a young drummer.

I think that is a good basic overview of what you need to know when buying a drum set for a kid.