8 Best Electric Cars for Kids 2022 – Top Ride-On Vehicle for Children

Children grow up fast, but even their play has a tendency to model itself after what they see their parents or other adults doing. Considering it is commonly accepted as a rite of passage among western cultures, it only makes sense that children would be interested in driving.

Thankfully, to provide children with a safe way to engage in their play of driving manufacturers have come out with a ride on cars.

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On top of that, as technology, in general, has progressed, some high-end ride-on car manufacturers have even begun to incorporate some of this new technology into their designs.

What is the Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2022?

Of course, figuring out which ride on car is the best one for you can be a difficult and confusing task. That is why we have put together a list of the 7 best electric cars for kids, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the best electric car for kids to suit your needs.

BatteryMax SpeedSeats
Moderno Kids
(Editor's Choice)
12V6 MPH1
Rollplay GMC
(People’s Choice)
12V5 MPH2
Power Wheels
(Best Price)
6V2 MPH 1
(Max Speed)
24V10 MPH1
12V3 ½ MPH1
12V5 MPH2
12V4 ½ MPH1

1. Moderno Kids – Best Electric Cars for Kids (Editor’s Choice)

Moderno Kids Carbon Red SLS AMG Mercedes Benz review

Moderno Kids is a fairly new company, so it is understandable if you have not yet heard of them, but they join a long line of new companies springing up that take the best of philosophies from high-end manufacturers as well as barebones knockoffs and provide a product that arguably redefines the standard of the market.

For the ride-on toys market, Moderno Kids is arguably the brand best accomplishing this task though it should be noted that just because the brand is new and sleek does not mean the products are cheap.

Simply, Moderno Kids is able to provide a ride on a car that is comparable to electric cars for kids many times its price. As such, it only makes sense that we ranked this our Editor’s Choice Best Electric Car for Kids.

Uncommon Options

As befits the Editor’s Choice and a brand that makes it a point to provide a high-end ride-on car, it is expected that the Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz would come with a number of features that other competitors simply do not provide, but the sheer number of them is startling.

For example, this is only one of two electric cars for kids that we reviewed which provides the option of the parents controlling the ride on car with a remote. Aside from the fact that this ultimately places their limits literally in your hands, it also offers an immediate failsafe to ensure reckless children do not unnecessarily put themselves in harm’s way.

A Realistic Experience

While the parental remote control is a great and uncommon feature; there is still no getting around the fact that it is the child who determines whether the ride on car is any good. Thankfully, the Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz also makes it a point to provide one of the better riding experiences with a maximum speed of 6 MPH, second best on our list, and 3 different speed settings.

On top of that, the Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz also comes with 3 sets of working LED lights modeled after the real Mercedes Benz SLS AMG to a shocking degree including pleather seats and the option to expand it further with realistic door and windows as well improved braking and suspension systems.

  • Features a to scale design
  • Has parental remote control
  • Has 3 speeds
  • Has a maximum speed of 6 MPH
  • Has working lights
  • Has a PU leather seat
  • Has a stroller seat belt
  • Can play MP3s
  • Has numerous add-ons
  • Is a more expensive electric car for kids

2. Rollplay – Two Seater Electric Car (People’s Choice)

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali reviewWhile older, more established brands made have made the ride on car market what it is today, it is mostly relatively young companies that are pushing the market further and further.

For example, Rollplay is a brand that makes it a point to provide a high-end product largely because that is explicitly the brand’s purpose. Essentially, the conglomerate Goodbaby that owns numerous brands specialized in providing high-end products to their respective markets owns Rollplay.

As such, it is encoded in the formation of Rollplay in the first place that they produce top-tier products in this instance, they provide us the best two-seater electric car.

Realism is Key

While some brands may focus a bit more on performance, the people at Rollplay understand that a big part of ride on cars is the fact that the children riding get to pretend to be driving real cars. As such, in an attempt to appeal to children on their level, the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali aims for realism as a big draw with a detailed dash and 2 two doors with realistic windows.

On top of that, the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali can also wirelessly play music streamed from a smart device and even comes with cup holders for a quick drink on the go. Finally, the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali provides working lights and a working horn though the horn runs on AA batteries.

One thing to keep in mind is that though the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali may be more about style, it has plenty of substance to go right along with it. For instance, this is one of a couple two-seater electric cars that we reviewed, and this has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds.

This is largely thanks to the heavy-duty plastic used for the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali’s body which means you do not have to worry about rust, rot, or mildew as well as the durable rubber tires, which provide plenty of traction. In fact, there are numerous anecdotes of grown parents or family friends riding in this electric car for kids without any issue or damage suffered by the Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali.

  • Has 3 speeds
  • Has a maximum speed of 5 MPH
  • Has 2 seats
  • Has realistic touches
  • Has working lights
  • Can play MP3s
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds
  • Tires made of rubber
  • Body is waterproof
  • Is a more expensive electric car for kids
  • Not the easiest assembly

3. Power Wheels – Power Cars for Toddlers (Best Price)

Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad review

Power Wheels is by far the most well-known brand in the ride on or electric cars for kids market arguably making the market what it is today. It should be noted that Power Wheels, like some of the other products on our list, is merely a brand that specializes in a ride on cars.

That said, Power Wheels definitely owns the market and offers such a robust and innovative selection of products that it is difficult to narrow them down. That said, one important niche that many of the “prestige” rides on car manufacturers neglect is the toddler market.

Made for Toddlers

When you are considering an electric car for kids, all too often the features that are best for that product are not ideal for a smaller version made for a toddler. In this case, things that would otherwise be considered flaws are actually benefits like the fact that the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad has a maximum speed of 2 MPH.

While that is the slowest on our list, it is the perfect top speed for toddlers who may still be learning the finer points of gross motor skills. Keeping that in mind, the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad also features an easy to use push start accelerator with an automatic shutoff.

Convenient for You

While the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad is great for young children still getting used to self-locomotion, the people over at Power Wheels are well aware that you already have plenty on your plate without their product adding more stress to your life.

To that end, they made sure that the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad was easy to assemble with clear instructions and large parts. On top of that, the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad also uses a 6V battery instead of the more common 12V which is both less expensive and easier to maneuver.

Finally, the maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds ensures that your toddler should be able to get plenty of enjoyment from the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad all throughout that growing time.

  • Has a maximum speed of 2 MPH
  • Uses a 6V battery
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds
  • Is the least expensive electric car for kids reviewed
  • Features a Quad ATV design
  • Has a simple push start-stop
  • Has a storage compartment
  • Has a smaller profile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Limited in setting
  • Not the most durable

4. Titan Motors – Motorized Cars for 6-Year-Olds

Titan Motors Kids review

It seems that ever niche of the ride on car market has a high-end manufacturer attaching itself to it and the ATV ride on car market is no different with Titan Motors offering by far the best ATV electric car for kids that we saw.

In fact, it is worth noting that Titan Motors not only specializes in electric cars for kids but only offers 5 products altogether with a single floating pool toy not following the trend. As such, you can rest assured that Titan Motors can fine-tune their vehicle for any child and have made the best-motorized cars for 6-year-olds that we saw.

High-Powered Performance

Whenever a child starts getting a little bit older, you will need to increase the capabilities of their toys and activities to keep up with their continued development. When it comes to ride on cars, the next natural step is an actual vehicle with a small-powered engine.

That said, there are some children who need a transitional point where the power they can harness increases though they still require additional time to manipulate more complex controls. Thankfully, the Titan Motors Kids has you covered with the most powerful motor on our list and a top speed of 10 MPH which is more than double its next closest competitor is.

True to Form

Another thing about a ride on car that is meant for a transitional stage to a legitimate vehicle is the need to have various safety features and a form that is similar enough that the child will be able to transfer their improved skill set without issue. For the Titan Motors Kids, this is a big part of their inspiration, but for a parent, the real value comes from their safety features.

Though they do not have to since it is a child’s toy, Titan Motors made sure to add a powerful headlight as well as numerous reflectors making this a suitable vehicle to even go for a ride on at night. The fact that it has shock-absorbing spring suspension and a disk brake system should only offer more peace of mind that the 10 MPH is more than manageable for a 5 to 6-year-old child.
  • Has a maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • Uses a 24V battery
  • Has 2 speeds
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 114 pounds
  • Tires made of rubber
  • Uses disc brakes
  • Has shock-absorbing suspension
  • Tires are inflatable
  • Has protective reflectors
  • Has a working light
  • Only comes in pink
  • Is the most expensive electric car for kids reviewed

5. Best Choice Products – Best 12V Kids Car

Best Choice Products SKY37 reviewThese days Best Choice Products is probably known more as a large wholesaler of mid-tier consumer grade products. Keep in mind, their catalog is expansive and does not in any way specialize in ride on cars or even toys more broadly.

That said, the company, which started 15 years ago selling billiard tables, has quickly expanded to provide a wide range of products that are all reasonably good quality though they are rarely the top of their class.

That said, Best Choice Products do offer a solid balance between price and features making them potentially the best all-around electric car for kids.

Excellent Controls

By far one of the best things about the Best Choice Products SKY37 is that it offers a number of different control options. For the children, the Best Choice Products SKY37 features your standard steering wheel and uses a pedal system for acceleration with even a stick shift to change the speeds.

Of course, the real controls that are worth noting are the parental controls that are engaged with a remote control that runs on a powerful 2.4 GHz frequency. Combined, they offer an excellent experience for your child that is more true to life than a button with the comfort and security of knowing you can always take control if needed.

Some Disappointing Flaws

From the exterior, the Best Choice Products SKY37 seems just as good if not better than many of the other electric cars for kids that we reviewed. Unfortunately, the Best Choice Products SKY37 is also the slowest electric car for kids on our list that is not also intended to be used by toddlers with a maximum speed of only 3 ½ MPH.

On top of that, the Best Choice Products SKY37 actually takes longer to charge than most of the other products we saw with a shorter runtime as well. As such, your child will ultimately be able to spend less time riding the Best Choice Products SKY37 than they would some of the other options we reviewed. That said, this is still an extremely safe and well-built electric car for kids that is not known for fragility.

  • Has 3 speeds
  • Has spring suspension
  • Has LED lights
  • Can play music
  • Has magnetic doors
  • Body is waterproof
  • Has parental remote control
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 65 pounds
  • Features large, heavy-duty tires
  • Not as fast as some
  • Has a slow charge time

6. Power Wheels – Best Girls Ride On Car

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler review

Power Wheels once again brings their impressive prestige to bear and teams up with an equally dominant partner in Disney and Jeep to bring a fully licensed Frozen themed Jeep Wrangler electric car for kids.

While the exterior may seem like this product would be all flash, it is actually a fairly well performing ride on car and can keep up with most of the other products that we reviewed.

On top of that, Power Wheels is actually able to keep this ride on car’s price point well within the average that you would expect for the market. That said, the fact that this electric car has a Frozen theme does mean that it is likely the best girls ride on car that we reviewed.

Parental Protections

When letting a child use a ride on car, some parents may get a bit nervous with the increased freedom a child needs to use the toy. In this instance, the Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler offers a couple of different measures to help put your mind at ease.

For instance, this is the only ride on car that we reviewed which featured a parental speed lock that allows you to prevent your child from accessing the highest speed level. On top of that, the Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler also comes with the patented Power-Lock brake system to prevent a whiplash effect from your child driving too quickly.

A Mixed Bag

When looking at this from a broad perspective, the Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler seems like a great ride on car for a girl, but it has some odd issues. For example, you are likely best served to get a new battery as the one that comes with the product is noted for not being able to hold a charge and fully depleting rather quickly.

On top of that, while the Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler can support a maximum of 130 pounds, many of its plastic parts are not so durable and can easily break off with little effort. Moreover, the gears are made of plastic as well which has been noted to melt when exposed to hotter temperatures to the point that the product will not move.

  • Has 2 seats
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds
  • Plays songs from the movie
  • Has a storage area
  • Has 2 speeds
  • Has a maximum speed of 5 MPH
  • Has the Power-Lock brake system
  • Parents can control the speed
  • Has a Frozen theme
  • Smaller than expected
  • Not the most durable

7. Peg Perego – Electric Car for Boys

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer review

Peg Perego is a unique company in that not only has it been around for a while but it also puts out some of the better ride-on cars for kids. That said, the brand does not actually specialize in ride on cars exclusively and actually originated as a company that manufactures cribs and strollers.

That said, the company has definitely positioned itself to be the electric car for kids of choice among rural consumers. This is especially noted due to the deal that the company has made to manufacture a number of different ride-on cars modeled after their products.

A Unique Design

As if it were not already obvious, one of the best things about the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor is the fact that is made to emulate a real John Deere tractor. For one, this ride on car features a skate-side trailer that comes complete with a hitch though it is worth noting that you should be gentle with the otherwise somewhat fragile trailer.

Aside from the trailer, this ride on car also features a fully adjustable seat as well as armrests that flip up. Even the control system is meant to emulate reality as they use pedals for both the acceleration as well as the brake.

A Solid Option

One thing to keep in mind is that if your child would not otherwise enjoy a tractor themed ride on car, the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor may not necessarily be for you as the trailer does slow down the ride on car a bit to only 4 ½ MPH. That said, it is the fact that the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor has difficulty driving up an incline that might cause pause.

Still, for the right situation, this a great ride on car and the best electric car for boys that we reviewed. For one, it comes with a working FM radio and still offers 2 speeds, which are generally more than enough for the high-traction wheels to move over grass, dirt, gravel, or pavement.

  • Has a John Deere theme
  • Has high traction wheels
  • Has an FM radio
  • Has 2 speeds
  • Has a maximum speed of 4 ½ MPH
  • Uses a pedal system
  • Has flip-up armrests
  • Has a stake-side trailer
  • Has an adjustable seat
  • Trailer is not durable
  • Not the strongest motor

8. Tobbi – Maserati Licensed Kids Ride On Car

8 Best Electric Cars for Kids 2022 - Top Ride-On Vehicle for Children

Tobbi is literally a good seller on amazon, a relatively new American brand that does focus on the design and production of kids’ ride-on cars. This pink Maserati is rated as 4.3 among more than 2,000 customers. Always ready to establish their position in this niche.

You can always find new model kids cars on Tobbi, and which I think is their unique strength (maybe). Not to say the vehicle’s market prices, which is exceptionally low.

Coolest Always Win

The very first thing you’ll notice about a car is its appearance and design, not its features, especially for kids’ ride-on cars. It has a stylish and clean appearance with bold colors. If you and your kids saw it somewhere outside, this shiny Maserati sports car will suddenly catch your kids’ eyes. It is simply shining, each part.

This car is fully equipped with all of the elements you might expect in a child’s ride-on car (safe and controllable) and all of the details you can imagine on a Maserati, but a mini one, solid and built well.

Easy to Operate And Assembly

Two control modes, first it could be manually operated by children if they can, and parental remote control is also available when your kids weer too little. A cute control pad you can hold on your hands, with three-level speed adjustable.

This one is easy to assemble, charge, and use the music radio, gear shift, headlights, petals, and steering wheel for a child. From the moment the box arrived until you could plug it in to charge for the first time, it only took about 30 minutes to put together.

One thing to remind is that the body of this car is fairly mini, one hand is enough to handle it up, with the pull rod embedded. And remember to check and compare the size of your kids and this car, for many reviews said about the size issues. This car is 42.51(L)*27.56(W)*18.9(H) inch and has a load capacity of 55 lbs, suitable for kids aged 3-4 years old.

  • Body material is durable
  • Retractable handle and wheels
  • Ride on various roads
  • Two control modes: parental control and manual control
  • Baattery is durable
  • Has MP3 play and horn
  • Has high/low-speed mode
  • Has one seat
  • Not so fast as expect


Other details:

  • Battery: 12V
  • Max Speed: 2.8 MPH
  • Seats: 1

Best Electric Cars for Kids Review – Buyer’s Guide


Best Electric Cars for Kids Review – SpeedThis is likely one of the most important qualities to the child as the speed will ultimately determine how exhilarating the ride is. That said, there are plenty of good reasons to want to limit the speed of a ride on car just like there are good reasons to potentially want to increase the speed of the ride on car.

That said, the average speed of a ride-on car for more developed children is about 5 MPH while the speed for those transitioning to real vehicles can get over 10 MPH.

Of course, there are likely more instances where you would want to limit the speed as opposed to increasing it and in this instance, the average toddler speed is between 2 ½ to 3 MPH.


Best Electric Cars for Kids Review – ControlsOutside of the speed, another important thing to consider is how the ride on car is controlled. While this does technically include the controls that the children will use to control the ride on car it also extends further to additional features that are not at all standard or even all that common.

Specifically, there are numerous models of ride on car available out there that provide the parents their own remote controls so that they can always a step in if the need to.

It is worth noting that this also makes retrieving children who do not want to listen when parents tell them it is time to go much easier as you can simply drive the ride on car back to your position.

From the child’s perspective, the controls have more to do with complexity and the level of their development more than anything else. Essentially, the more controls that a ride on car has to use the more advanced the child operating it will need to be.


Best Electric Cars for Kids Review – DesignThis is another factor that will be more important to the rider than the parent, but it is worth noting that the design of a ride on car can potentially be the most important aspect to a child especially if the design features an IP that they are interested in like Transformers or Disney.

That said, there are numerous design features, which can extend well beyond the superficial and add legitimate value to the product. For instance, many ride on cars that are modeled after real vehicles also has a tendency to include working LED lights and a horn.

Other features can include working doors and realistic windows as well as seats that adjust and even the ability to play music through the ride on ride on car’s speakers.


conclusionAs we can see, due the sheer number of different features not to mention the preferences of the riders, there is not going to be a single electric car for kids that all kids find the best.

That said, there are still plenty of ways to figure out which ride on car is better for whom and focusing on that instead. Regardless, there still are some general takeaways that we can make at least regarding the products we reviewed.

For those looking for the best all-around experience, we recommend the Moderno Kids Carbon Red SLS AMG Mercedes Benz which features the second fastest top speed as well as a parental remote control to ensure your child’s safety. On top of that, there are numerous realistic touches as well as a speaker that can stream Bluetooth music.

Of course, if your child is a little bit younger or older, then we recommend the Power Wheels Kawasaki Lil’ Quad and the Titan Motors Kids respectively. Though they both may appear to be a Quad ATV design, the Power Wheels is smaller and slower to help protect toddler while the Titan Motors has an extra kick and realistic controls to prepare children for the real thing.