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Best Fitness Tracker for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids A study by the CDC states that one in every three children in the United States is overweight or obese. This has created an increased demand for wearable devices that offer a creative resolution to get our younger generation moving.

Fitness trackers have been a recent hot trend for adults looking to get into better shape. Now, devices that are designed for getting children to be more healthy have appeared on the scene.

Motivating your child to do anything can be difficult, let alone trying to get them to exercise more. One of the biggest benefits of a kid’s fitness tracker is that it provides motivation, goals, and even gives feedback. They also reward your children and encourages them.

What is the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2018?

To help parents choose the best fitness tracker for kids, I put together a buyer’s guide that gives details about what you should be looking for in a product like this. Hopefully, it will help you find the right device that can help your child live a healthier lifestyle.

Recommended ageItem WeightDimensions 
(Editor’s Choice)
4 - 7 years5.6 ounces2 x 2.5 x 1.8 Check Price
(People’s Choice)
4 - 9 years0.6 ounces2 x 0.8 x 2 Check Price
6 - 18 years4 ounces6 x 0.8 x 0.3 Check Price
(Best Price)
6 - 15 years1.6 ounces2.5 x 5.2 x 2.5 Check Price
8 years and up3.2 ounces2 x 4.5 x 7 Check Price

1. LeapFrog – Best Fitness Tracker for Kids (Editor’s Choice)

LeapFrog LeapBand ReviewThe LeapFrog LeapBand is a fitness tracker for kids that helps to turn your child’s healthy eating habits and active physical play into a game that includes many appealing rewards.

This best fitness tracker for kids is geared toward children from four to seven years old. This tracker is a low-cost option with a colorful band and screen. You can choose from pink, orange, blue, and green devices.

The LeapBand uses similar motion tracking technology that more expensive activity trackers for adults use. Using this, the LeapBand measures and tracks your child’s activities throughout the day. This device doesn’t count their steps, how far they’ve walked, or how long they’ve slept.

Instead, it provides a novel concept offering many different fun physical challenges. These challenges, like dancing, jumping, running, and walking, need to be completed to earn points that they can spend on their virtual pet. Every wiggle, jump, dance, or run earns them points to unlock new fun rewards.

The child can choose between many different pets, including a dog, cat, monkey, dragon, penguin, panda, unicorn, and robot. The LeapBand offers fun activities that will earn them points, like walking like a crab, spinning like a helicopter, and crawling like a turtle. As the child continues to move and earn points, they unlock all of the other eight pets and can begin earning virtual toys for all of them.

The LeapFrog LeapBand is a device that was designed to facilitate a child’s physical activities in a fun and imaginative way that is engaging. They add to this by including virtual pets and an app that offers lessons about nutrition and health. The LeapFrog LeapBand is a great tool for supporting the healthy development of a child. It’s a great idea that can benefit a child greatly if they use it.

  • Water resistant device
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle through games
  • Rewards a child for being more active
  • Doesn’t actually track anything
  • Battery always reads half full
  • It’s a little bulky

2. Garmin – Best Fitness Watch for Kids (People’s Choice)

Garmin Vivofit Jr ReviewGarmin has introduced their first fitness gadget made for kids. The best fitness watch for kids is similar to the Vivofit 3 tracker made for adults. This is a durable device that is swim friendly featuring a battery that lasts a full year.

The Vivofit Jr. includes a high-resolution display that can be read in the sun. The device monitors a child’s steps, sleep time, and active time. On the front display is a reminder of how much they still need to move to accomplish their 60-minute daily goal. The watches face also displays the time and date and can be customized with your child’s name.

Motivational features are used to get kids into being more active. They include educational adventures and family challenges meant to get parents to participate with their kids.

When kids reach their goal of 60-minutes of daily activity, fun facts are unlocked, and a mobile adventure trail becomes available.

A feature that parents will love, they can appoint their child chores to be completed around the house, and the Garmin Vivofit Jr. will alert them when they need to be completed. These alarms can be set for the same time every day or every week.

This is a good feature for children who constantly need to be reminded to make their beds or brush their teeth. Your children can even collect virtual coins for all the tasks that you assign, which they can spend on in-app rewards.

The fitness tracker is paired with a smartphone app that parents use. Multiple children can be added to view all of your kids’ daily activities in one place. The Garmin Vivofit Jr. has many different designs available including broken lava, black, purple strike, real flower, and in digi camo band patterns.

This is a pretty great product that has some interesting features included in it. The motivational features are a great way to get a child more active. The ability for parents to program in chores to the device and have the device remind the child that they need to complete a chore is something I wish I had growing up.

This is a perfect tool to use with children that have ADD and ADHD as well, I believe. I would recommend giving this a shot but, as a parent, you need to participate in the activities with your child if you really want them to be effective.

  • Chore management
  • Battery lasts a year
  • Parent mobile app
  • Hard to synchronize with mobile app

3. Sqord – Best Activity Tracker for Kids

Sqord Activity Tracker ReviewThe Sqord Activity Tracker is far more than just a step-counter. It is a fitness tracker that propels active play by letting kids compete and earn points by doing everyday healthy activities.

This best activity tracker for kids tracks various types of movement and changes them into virtual rewards placed into a cleverly designed app for smartphones.

Your child can also take part in head-to-head challenges with friends and a weekly leaderboard. Parents can set goals for their children inside the app and create awards for accomplishing these goals.

Studies have shown that previously inactive 5th graders increased activity levels by 55% using Sqord. 

The device is waterproof, so your kid doesn’t have to take it off. The wristband is lightweight and comfortable as well as extremely durable. The Activity Pod can take a beating while continuing to track. It uses a regular watch battery that’s designed to last nine months.

They won’t have to plug this device into charge. Battery replacement is cheap and easy.

The study that shows an increase in activity levels by 55% while using Sqord is a statement all in itself. The competition that the device provides and the ability to earn virtual points makes this device that promotes healthier living feel more like a game to them.

This is a great way to get your children to start focusing their energy on healthy activities. Great idea and great product.

  • Uses a standard watch battery
  • Proven effective at promoting increased activity levels
  • Waterproof
  • Sometimes has issues tracking activities

4. Nabi – Best Price

Nabi Compete Hot Wheels Edition ReviewThe Nabi Compete is a competitive band for kids. The Nabi works a lot like a traditional fitness tracker and is powered by a battery that lasts three months before it needs to be changed.

Your kids get two bands, which send information to a smartphone application to report progress.

It features both head-to-head contests as well as collaborative tasks. During these activities, this tracker measures how many calories they have burned and challenges your child to walk, run, or jump. You can pick a distance goal that relates to real life distances, like the length of the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can also choose a food goal. Children then compete to see who can burn off more calories. This helps to teach kids about the concept of calories. Their food burn is shown with familiar foods.
A rewards system is also included that helps to motivate your kids.By competing challenges, they can grow virtual pets. Go Points are earned by being active and can be spent to feed their virtual pet. Also included is a kid-safe social network called Nabi Konnect where kids can share their mood. There is also an option to team up to reach fitness goals with friends.

This is another great product that can promote more physical activity by your children. The competitive aspect of this device adds a lot of kids, I’m sure. Give your children a game to play and other kids to compete with.

Everything in the device is promoting physical activity, social interaction, competition, and collaboration. These are some of the most important things that you can teach a kid and are the areas that many children today are lacking. This is another great product that, if used the right way, can improve your child’s life.

  • Leaderboard lets kids see how they stack up
  • Helps children to understand the concept of distance
  • Includes a fun and safe social network for kids
  • Trouble connecting with the Android app

5. Twister – Counts Your Moves

Twister Moves Tracker ReviewThe Twister Moves Tracker is a wearable fitness tracker for kids. It keeps track of moves while kids walk, skip, run, dance, and more.

Kids accumulate points with every move that they make. When they get to 99,999 points, they complete a digital trophy unlocking different rewards along the way.

These rewards are in the form of animations. Kids will keep earning points no matter what they are doing as long as they are moving. This tracker can be worn while playing Twister and it will count the moves that are made on the mat.

The Twister Moves Tracker has eight mini games that are based on activity. One game encourages children to perform the dance moves that the digital dancer on the screen is performing. The games are more like suggested activities than actual games.

Activities that your child are likely to perform in these activities are walking, running, jumping jacks, and many different dance moves. The Twister Moves Tracker is easily removed from the wristband to be added to other products, like Skip-It and Hoop, earning them bonus points to unlock other animations.

This device will encourage children to be more active and give them a way to be part of the fitness tracker trend. It’s affordable, and younger kids will love being able to see their progress on the screen while wearing the tracker everywhere they go like Mom and Dad do.

  • Works with Twister Skip-It and Twister Hoop
  • Keeps track of all your twister moves
  • Made using safe materials and tested for quality and durability
  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • Not very accurate

Best Fitness Tracker For Kids Review – Buyer’s Guide

I guess that’s all there is to say. If you are looking to purchase your child a fitness tracker, look for one that has all of the right characteristics you’re looking for to help promote a healthy lifestyle for them. Take part in your child’s activities and have some fun with them. The device alone won’t give your child a new healthier lifestyle. It will take patience and work.

Characteristics of the Best Fitness Tracker for baby

These little devices have taken on many shapes and forms, but the consensus is that they all promote a healthier lifestyle for your child. Here are some of the characteristics you should make sure are on the fitness tracker you choose for your child.


The fitness trackers that are made for kids are very similar to the adult versions of the devices but don’t have as many features. You should make sure that a fitness tracker for your child can track their walking and running and how many calories they are in-taking and burning.

It should also feature a clock, a tracker for sleep, and motivational tips. Base the features that you want in your child’s fitness tracker with the goals you hope to achieve with its use.


If the product that you are looking at is not durable, then it doesn’t really matter what is included in it. Children are hard on the things that they own and the companies that make these products should be aware that they need to stand up to a beating. A device that is not very durable, no matter how awesome it may otherwise be, will never make it in a kid’s world. Buy something that looks like it can get beat on and make it through.


Since the device is supposed to be worn all of the time, it is important that it be comfy for your child to wear. If it bothers them, the first thing that they will do is remove the fitness tracker and possibly lose it. If you purchase a device for your child, it is best to test it with them and see if they find it comfortable.

Water Proof and Water ResistanceBest Fitness Tracker For Kids Review – Water Proof and Water Resistance

A device like this is meant to be worn all the time and shouldn’t be taken off. If the product isn’t waterproof or water resistant, it won’t last through a shower, let alone a swimming pool. A device like this should support activities like swimming and be able to last.

Battery Life

A powerful battery will allow your child’s device to last longer and they will get more out of it. If the battery is always dying, they will likely toss the fitness tracker for a more entertaining video game they own a longer battery life. Different options are available for batteries with these items.

Many use watch batteries that can last up to a year without needing to be changed. Some are rechargeable devices that must be plugged in every day. Look for one that uses a watch battery to avoid any issues that come with batteries that don’t last very long.

GamesBest Fitness Tracker For Kids Review – games

Knowing my child, the best way to get them interested in a product like this is to have it packed full of interactive games that they can play all day. If playing these games keeps them active, mission successful. Find games that are suitable for the age of the child that you are buying the item for.

It won’t do any good to buy a product meant for a five year old and give it to a ten year old. They’re more likely to eat their vegetables than play a babies game. Find the right games that fit the age range of your child and play them with them. There is no better way to get them excited about something than to be excited about it yourself.

Parental Controls and Monitoring

What is the point of a fitness tracker if you are not able to see the information that it collects, monitor you child’s progression, and evaluate what their needs are? The ability for a parent to set goals on the device and program in activities for them is a great feature that will get you involved in promoting their new healthier lifestyle.

Syncing the Device With Your Smartphone or Desktop

Just like the adult versions of fitness trackers, your child’s version can sync to a mobile device or desktop to share information that has been collected. Many offer games for your kids to play and data for you to observe. A couple even give you the power to create goals on the fitness tracker and provide you child with prizes for completing those goals. One even had the ability to remind your child that they needed to complete their chores.


Your kids will quickly outgrow the fitness tracker that you buy them so you might as well not spend hundreds of dollars on the device. Go with a more affordable option that offers all of the features you want. The more features that are included with a device, the higher the price will likely be. Try to find a happy medium that provides many different features at the lowest price possible.

Well, I think that is about all of the characteristics you should be aware of when purchasing a fitness tracker for your child. Now, here are the Top Five Fitness Trackers For Kids Reviews.

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