Best Frozen Toys for Toddlers

Around the world, kids are clamoring for everything Frozen. This includes the film, the songs, characters, costumes, phrases, and particularly, the toys. In short, these toys top most toddlers’ bucket lists. Truthfully, these blue toys are intriguing and captivating even to grown-ups.

They’re the perfect gift for kids who can’t seem to get enough of Disney’s Frozen. Interestingly, these toys are designed to encourage learning and develop mental agility while having fun. They’re also great as themes for birthday parties, playrooms, etc.


Quality Franco Kids' Super Soft Pillow Buddy – Elsa Doll (table)


1. Quality Franco Kids' Super Soft Pillow Buddy – Elsa Doll

  • Representing Elsa, the star of Frozen
  • A soft, cuddly, and delightful plush doll
  • Use at home, in the car, for napping, cuddling, sleepovers, travels, camp, and other social gatherings
  • Completely microfiber
  • The pillow is 25" (H) x 7" (W) x 4" (T) and weighs about 1.1 pounds
  • Soft to the touch
  • Machine washable (keeps its shape even after washing)

Travel Doll (Frozen 2) - Anna (table)


2. Travel Doll (Frozen 2) - Anna

  • This toy is 8” (H) x 4.75” (W) x 15” (T) and weighs about 10.9 ounces
  • Kids can recreate their favorite episodes, clips, and scenes from the movie
  • A perfect replica of Anna, down to her striking violet cape, shoes, and beautiful satin gown
  • Appropriate for kids ages 3+

A Six-pack Bathtub or Pool Toy Set (Frozen 2) (table)

3. A Six-pack Bathtub or Pool Toy Set (Frozen 2)

  • The plastic dolls are 5'' H
  • Great collection of the animated characters
  • Their larger size makes them suitable for kids 18+ months
  • Beautiful packaging.

Kiddieland Toys Limited (Disney Frozen) – My First Activity Ride-on (table)

4. Kiddieland Toys Limited (Disney Frozen) – My First Activity Ride-on

  • Fun and interactive design
  • Textured wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Safety features include rear barrier and bumper
  • Bright colors and stunning light effects on the ice palace dashboard design
  • Fun catchphrases, songs, and sound effects

Frozen (2) Sisters Musical Snow Wand (table)

5. Frozen (2) Sisters Musical Snow Wand

  • Representing the sisters’ unbreakable bond
  • Plays the song, “Into the Unknown”
  • Shimmering snow swirls each time the wand is waved
  • Requires three AAA batteries
  • Appropriate for kids 3+ years

Building Blocks – Disney’s Frozen Ice Castle in 59 Pieces (table)

6. Building Blocks – Disney’s Frozen Ice Castle in 59 Pieces

  • The ice castle puzzle contains fifty-nine blocks
  • Sliding, multi-colored, transparent (ice) blocks, and light effects provide assembly clues
  • The puzzle comes with three dolls: Olaf, Anna, and Elsa
  • Different buttons trigger different functions.
  • The assembled palace measures 11’’ (H) x 7’’ (W) x 6'' (D)
  • The puzzle inspires learning, creativity, and other skills development

Kids’ Pop-up Tent - Frozen 2 Kid’s Playhouse (Pop-up tent for indoor-outdoor activities) (table)

7. Kids’ Pop-up Tent - Frozen 2 Kid’s Playhouse (Pop-up tent for indoor-outdoor activities)

  • Made from premium and durable polyester.
  • Easy to set up (by twisting), fold, crimp, and maintain.
  • Interior and exterior images based on choice of characters from the film.
  • Spacious size: 56” (H) x 28" (W) x 28" (T).
  • Tunnel attachment and lookout portal.


1. Franco Kids Super Soft Plush Cuddle Pillow Buddy – Best Frozen Toys for Toddlers


Type and Quality of Materials

Made from microfiber, the doll is soft, cuddly, and safe for young kids.

Perfect Representation of Elsa

Perfectly represents Elsa with her soothing blue colors, distinctive ponytail, detailed face, and unique satin dress. Serves as a snuggly friend or an accent for parties and other celebrations.

Handy and Versatile

Ideal for the Frozen fan at bedtime, playtime, on trips, picnics, sleepovers, etc.

2. Disney Frozen 2 Anna Travel Doll – a Perfect Gift for Frozen Fans


Role play

According to Disney’s Frozen, Anna is loyal, brave, and bold. Her authentic wardrobe lets young fans recreate their favorite scenes from the movie or plan a journey beyond the Arendelles gate into the amazing frozen wonderland with beloved characters such as Sven, Elsa, Olaf while reinforcing family ties and exploring new adventures.

Ideal packaging and presentation

The doll comes beautifully packaged and is the perfect gift for kids around the world.



3. Disney Frozen 6-Piece Bathtub Pool Toy Set – Highly-Detailed Bathtub Dolls


Six animated characters from the movie, Frozen

This six-pack of soft bathtub dolls represents Olaf, Kristoff, Marshmallow, Elsa, Sven, and Anna in a convenient and transparent zip case.


These dolls are 5” (H), making them suitable for kids 18+ months. The toys are suitable in or out of the tub.


The dolls are made from top-quality and durable plastic.



4. Kiddieland Toys Limited (Disney Frozen) – a Study and Balanced Activity Ride-On


Safety Features

This sturdy walker has textured wheels allowing the rider to confidently steer and scoot indoors and outdoors. The rear barrier keeps kids from falling off, while the rear bumper keeps the walker from tilting over, providing safe and stable use.

Light and Music

The dashboard’s glowing lights and graphics beautifully represent Elsa’s ice castle. The ride-on also has Elsa, Olaf, and Anna playing their favorite song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” while the kid rides. Other songs play for other activities.



5. Frozen 2 Sisters Musical Snow Wand – the Sisters Make Magic


Character representation (miniature)

When the wand is waved, the shimmering snow swirls, demonstrating the sisters’ unbreakable bond.

Fun and Music

A fun way to interact with Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Elsa, and other characters while the theme song, “Into the Unknown” plays.


The wand can also be used as an accessory for cakes, themed parties, room decorations, role-plays, parties, dress-up games, drama, and more.



6. Building Blocks – Disney Frozen Ice Castle in 59 Pieces – Educational Lego Duplo Toy


Role-play in the Frozen ice castle

A creative way to interact and have fun with the characters.

Creativity and Educational Development

The building blocks serve an educational purpose that encourages creative and mental development in kids while having fun.

Colors and Light

The brightly-colored bricks bring the castle to life once completed.



7. Kids’ Pop-Up Tent (Frozen 2 Kid’s Play Tent) – Playhouse for Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Exceptional features

This pop-up tent is state-of-the-art with extraordinary features that inspire imagine and role-play games. It features colorful interior and exterior design and graphics based on a kid’s preferred Frozen characters. It also has a unique tunnel attachment and lookout portal.

Capacity and Size

Including the tunnel and lookout portal, the tent is a roomy (56” x 28” x 48”) and weighs less than 4 pounds. It’s made of top-quality and durable polyester and can be easily assembled by simply twisting.

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