Best Infant Tub for Newborn

Newborn babies have tender, delicate, and sensitive skin. As such, it’s not recommended that they be bathed in a regular bathtub.


First Year's Bathtub - Best comfort and quality for infants through toddler age (table)


1. First Year's Bathtub

  • Comfortable seat for babies
  • Easy cleaning
  • Holds your baby securely and prevents them from slipping
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be used from 0-24 months

Skip Hop - Stylish and ergonomically shaped (table)


2. Skip Hop

  • Allows easy draining
  • Stylish design will appeal to your baby
  • Has a cushiony surface
  • or newborns 0-6m

Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby Bath - Baby Patent-19338 - newborn bathtub helps you accurately weigh your baby (table)

3. Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby Bath

  • Accurate weight scale
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Perfect support ridge
  • Soft on the baby's skin
  • Can be used until age two

Summer Clean Rinse - Best value bathtub for your baby (table)

4. Summer Clean Rinse

  • Easy to use into any part of the house
  • Can be used from infancy to sitting stage
  • Allows easy water flow
  • Easy to clean and dry

Angelcare - Supports your baby with a solid rubber ring (table)

5. Angelcare

  • Durable and comfortable rubber ring
  • Hygienic
  • Versatile design makes it easy to use anywhere
  • Can be stored anywhere in the house

Summer Comfort - Offers ultimate bath time convenience (table)

6. Summer Comfort

  • Designed with a really convenient weight
  • Includes a platform that comfortably raises your baby
  • Silky material that is soft on your baby's skin
  • For newborns but can be used as they grow older


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1. First Year’s Bathtub – Best Infant Tub for Newborn


This comfort bathtub has an attached sling-like mesh at the top of the tub that stretches to both edges of the bathtub which provides babies with an added comfort and continues stretching as the baby grows bigger and older.

Beneath the sling is a built-in bump that prevents the baby from sliding and hitting her bum in the tub.


The first year’s bathtub is designed to be used from infancy through the toddler age.

Unlike other bathtubs, the first year tub can be comfortably used by newborns and older babies. Your baby’s bathing experience is sure to be fun with the first year’s bathtub.


This best value bathtub allows effortless draining. When used in a regular bathtub, it fits high enough so that you don’t have to stoop to bathe your baby. The drain works perfectly from the elevated area.


The first year’s baby bathtub is easy to use, clean, and dry.

Anti-slip pad

Includes a slip-resistant pad that keeps the baby from slipping in the bathtub.

2. Skip Hop – Stylish and Ergonomically Shaped

Designed for newborns, 0-6 months.


Skip Hop baby bathtub is perfect in size and comfort for babies. Babis can relax and enjoy their bath while parents don’t have to bend over to bathe their babies. The tub can be used anywhere in the home for extra convenience.


With a mesh bottom that easily drains the water, the bathtub dries quickly. It also has a velcro loop for hanging the tub to dry.


Skip Hop bathtub has a soft, cushiony design and a silky padded whale-like tale for the baby’s comfort and convenience. The Skip Hop plush cushion is a newborn bathtub that should be in every baby’s registry.

3. Baby Patent-19338 – Aquascale Newborn Bathtub Helps you Accurately Weigh Your Baby


Baby patent newborn baby bathtub has a built-in thermometer that checks and displays water temperature.


This baby bathtub is durable and designed to last up to 24 months. Made from quality plastic.


Baby planet-19338 newborn bathtub includes a scale to weigh your baby. This product is useful for babies with reflux issues to help parents accurately monitor their weight.

Support ridge

This product has a support ridge that holds babies comfortably upright and prevents them from slipping into the water.

4. Summer Clean Rinse Baby Bathtub – Best Value Bathtub for Your Baby

Good from infancy to the sitting stage.


Summer clean rinse baby bathtub is perfectly designed for filling, emptying, and cleaning.


Comfortable for babies and helps them learn how to sit. Includes a 3-position recline.


The 3-location use summer infant bathtub allows you to bathe your baby in the sink, countertop, or tub.


The summer bathtub is easy to clean. It dries quickly to prevent mold and leaves no residue in the tub.


The soft material and cushiony back support makes bathing a comfortable experience for your baby.


Your portable summer infant bathtub fits anywhere in the home and its soft, cushiony design gives babies a fun bathing experience.

5. Angelcare Baby Bathtub – Supports Your Baby with a Solid Rubber Ring

It can be used up to the age of six months.

Ergonomic design

Designed for your baby’s comfort and safety. Includes a built-in hook for convenient storage.


Angelcare is hygienic for you and your baby as it has holes that allow easing draining and cleaning.


The portable design can be conveniently stored anywhere in the house. It also has a loop at the top which allows it to be hung wherever with less inconvenience.

6. Summer Comfort Infant Height – Offers Ultimate Bath Time Convenience


The summer comfort bath gives your baby premium bath time. It has a raised platform that makes it easier to bathe your baby without bending.


Designed to raise your baby to a convenient height so you don’t have to stoop to bathe your baby.


Can be used from infancy to the age of 2. It keeps your baby comfortable even as they grow.


To make bath time a fun experience for your baby, it’s important to choose the right bathtub as there are so many choices on the market.

Our collection of best value comfort bathtubs is designed solely for newborn babies. Different product comes with different designs to suit your baby’s needs. Made with an incredibly soft material, the bathtubs protect your baby’s skin from cuts or abrasions.

Our bathtub holds your baby securely and prevents them from slipping out. These tubs for newborns are exceptionally unique and give your baby a fun bathing experience.


conclusionAs a parent, you should give your baby an exciting bathing experience. With our best new infant bathtubs for newborns, you can be sure to make the best choice.

Our quality products provide value and durability. Gift your baby our unique new infant bathtub for newborns today and make bath time a fun experience.

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