Best Paint for Toddlers

If you’re in search of the best paint for toddlers, then you’ve come to the right place. Arts and crafts help develop creativity and imagination in children. However, paints for toddlers must be non-toxic and contain no harmful chemicals.

Before your children embark on their creative journey, it’s essential to know if the paint is safe for your child. Continue reading to find the best paint for toddlers.


Crayola Finger Toddlers Painting – Washable, Safe, and Non-toxic (table)


1. Crayola Finger Toddlers Painting – Washable, Safe, and Non-toxic

  • Safe and non-hazardous paint
  • Non-sticky on clothing and face
  • Tubes can be easily squeezed to get contents out
  • Color mixing, experimentation, and artistic fun
  • Washable finger paint

Binney & Smith Crayola Washable Watercolor Set (table)


2. Binney & Smith Crayola Washable Watercolor Set

  • Paint comes in 4 colors
  • Washes off skin and clothing
  • Comes with oversize, oval pans for holding colors
  • Saves money by allowing use of existing paint containers
  • Paint containers hold more paint

Natural Earth Paint Kit for Children (table)

3. Natural Earth Paint Kit for Children

  • 100% non-toxic natural earth paint
  • Colors look good on paper, wood, fabrics, rocks, and many other surfaces
  • Six colors of natural earth paint per kit
  • Produced from organic corn starch, gum Arabic, and natural earth pigments

Daco Kids Paint Set (table)

4. Daco Kids Paint Set

  • Easy-to-handle art materials
  • Washable paint material
  • Non-toxic and water-based paint
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Convenient portable storage box

Scribbles Roller Kit Finger Paint (table)

5. Scribbles Roller Kit Finger Paint

  • Washable off skin
  • Clothing can be machine washed to remove staining
  • Non-toxic
  • Paint can be remixed to create new colors

Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set (table)

6. Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set

  • Non-toxic, 16 brilliant colors
  • Packed with a brush and white mixing tray
  • Vivid colors from pure pigments
  • Refillable pan saves money and time
  • Strong container with easily-adjustable lid


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1. Crayola Finger Toddlers Painting – Best Paint for Toddlers

Kit Composition

The Crayola finger paint comes with a set of ten 13” × 19” sheets of glossy painting paper for over-saturation in addition to 4 colors of Crayola washable finger paints: green, red, blue, and yellow.


When you talk about the best paint for toddlers, Crayola finger paint scores highly. As its name implies, it washes easily from most clothing and skin although it’s not meant as a face or body paint.

In terms of quality, this paint is clean, thick, and doesn’t splash easily because of its creamy consistency. This particular feature makes it suitable for experimentation.

Recommended use

This paint is perfect because its bright colors help promote early childhood sensory experiences.

Crayola washable finger paint is the best paint for your toddlers to experiment with color because they can have fun spreading, swirling, and mixing them.

2. Binney & Smith Crayola Washable Watercolor Set

This washable watercolor paint comes with four oversized pans with rims that collect overflow. It’s a non-toxic paint that easily washes off skin and many fabrics. The set also comes with a plastic case that can’t be easily broken and a mixing tray cover with a natural blend brush.

Colors and Recommendations

This washable watercolor comes in blue, green, yellow, and red. It’s recommended for children one year and above. Reconstituted colors still retain their richness without fading or muddying.

One quality that ranks among the best paint for toddlers is that it’s non-toxic and ready to use. It comes with a paintbrush and oval pans for easy use by children.

We recommend Binney & Smith Crayola washable watercolor so your children can enjoy the best art experience.

3. Natural Earth Paint Kit for Children


This children’s paint is made from real earth. Also, it’s a 100% non-toxic natural earth paint that creates a creamy paint-like material when mixed with water. Children can create watercolors from natural earth paint when mixed with enough water.

Uses and Recommendations

Its rich and sharp colors can also be used when scrapbooking, crafting, and several other activities. It’s recommended for ages 2 months and above (this can’t be possible. No 2-month old child can paint).

The paintings look amazing on fabrics, paper, wood, rocks, and several other materials. This paint comes from natural earth, mineral pigments, gum Arabic, and organic corn starch.

Kit Composition

The natural earth paint kit includes:

  • Six covered biodegradable mixing cups
  • Bamboo paintbrush
  • Instructional earth art booklet and ideas on nature-based activities



The colors are yellow ocher, range ocher, Venetian red, green, ultramarine blue, and brown. However, other colors like black, white, and purple can be requested. We consider the natural earth paint for children among the best paint for toddlers.

4. Daco Kids Paint Set

The Daco Kids paint offers children a creative introduction to art.


This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that Daco Kids Paint is among the best paint for toddlers because it’s made from non-toxic and water-based materials.

It’s best for craft painting, canvas painting, rock painting, and wood painting. Children particularly enjoy the metallic and neon colors.

The handy storage case makes it easy for children to carry as well as keep things organized and accessible. Also, the paint is packaged in little barrels that children can easily open.


Parents don’t need to worry about any mess because the paint is washable even when dry. However, washing in warm water may be necessary in some cases to prevent staining. The paint is made in compliance with ASTM D-36 and EN-71 standards.

5. Scribbles Roller Kit Finger Paint

Kit Composition

Comes with six non-toxic bright finger paints and one roller for the easy application on the skin, allowing for fun and creative hands-on painting.


All the paints are non-toxic and safe for children. We also recommend this as the best paint for toddlers.

The roller finger paint is easily washed off skin and machine washable for many fabrics.

With Roller Finger Paint, the fun never stops as children can create all kinds of different colors.

6. Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set


Since 1856, the Prang Art & Craft solutions have maintained consistency in their production of authentic, semi-moist watercolors.

The watercolors are made from intense, wax-free pigments allowing children to experiment with brilliant colors and different textures.

Kit Composition

The Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint contains a sturdy white case with a mixing compartment and quality paintbrush.

It’s no wonder it’s regarded as the most trusted brand by parents and teachers. It also contains 16 assorted brilliant colors.


Non-toxic and easily washed off skin and many materials. Received the AP certification for non-toxic paint and qualifies as one of the best paint for toddlers.


This paint is recommended for children 6 years and above and allows them to experiment with color mixing. The embossed paint storage also comes customized for easy color identification.

This connector paint comes with everything children need to learn about watercolor painting.

We hope these reviews have helped you choose the best paint for toddlers to help them explore their artistic creativity. These sets make the perfect gift for the budding artist in your home.

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