Best Wireless Headphones for Kids

Best Wireless Headphones for KidsThese days, kids are tuned into audio-producing devices for both entertainment and education. Headphones are the best option for creating a discreet, effective listening experience, but the solution is not as simple as it may appear.

What is the Best Wireless Headphones for Kids in 2020?

For one, headphones designed for children must be able to protect them from hearing loss, discomfort, and other risks. Beyond that, headphones must be capable of producing clear and listenable audio.

To give you a better idea of what makes an excellent children’s headphone, we’ve compiled a buyer’s guide in addition to testing and reviewing several great child-friendly headphones.

Volume ControlBluetooth CompatibilityBattery LifePaddedOptional AUX CordSharing Option
ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play
(Editor's Choice)
75, 85, and 94 decibel limitsYes14 hoursHypoallergenic2.5-foot AUX cord3.5-mm gold-plated buddy cord
(People’s Choice)
93 decibelsYes12 hoursYes with mesh fabric covers2.5-mm AUX cableIntegrated shareport
(Best Price)
Yes, unspecifiedYesExtendedYes2.5-mm AUX cableNo
85 decibelsYes18 hoursYes3.5-mm AUX cableNo
65, 85, and 94 decibel limitsYes20 hoursYesYesIntegrated cable splitter

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1. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play – Best Wireless Headphones for Kids (Editor’s Choice)

ONANOFF review

The BuddyPhones children’s headphones are safe, comfortable, and designed to withstand the heavy beating kids typically give their gear.

What’s more, these audio listening devices feature safe volume limits that provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to cap the maximum noise level at either 75, 85, or 94 decibels.

Beyond that, these headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth device, which means you get to altogether eliminate the hazardous cord you probably associate with headphones.

What’s more, these headphones charge up quickly and maintain an average of 14 hours of battery life per full battery. When used for only a few hours per day, this easily can amount to two or three days of use per charge. As such, these are a great product for forgetful youngsters.

Geared Toward Comfort

The BuddyPhones are extremely comfortable. They boast hypoallergenic cushions with tons of ear padding. Needless to say, the band can be adjusted to fit a growing head.

Unlike many products we tested, these headphones tend to stay in place. If something isn’t to you or your child’s satisfaction, these headphones are backed by a generous 2-year warranty.

Comprehensive Design

While these headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, they also feature an optional 2.5-foot AUX cable for when your child wants to connect directly to their listening device.

What’s more, they come with a 3.5-millimeter gold-plated “buddy” cord that allows users to sync their audio with up to four additional children. The headphones boast a diverse array of colors, including Safari yellow, light pink, Amazon green, and Glacier blue.

Each pair of headphones comes with a soft storage bag and a set of kid-friendly decorative stickers. They are designed and sized for children three and older. What’s more, they collapse for storage and travel.

  • Safe volume limits at 75, 85, and 94 dB
  • Features an adjustable headband
  • Hypoallergenic ear padding
  • Comes in four fun color options and includes decorative stickers for personalization
  • Collapses into a compact soft bag that is included with headphones
  • Includes a buddy cord for shared listening
  • Bluetooth compatible plus optional cable connection
  • Long battery life
  • Expensive

2. LilGadgets – Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Headphones (People’s Choice)

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Headphones review

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium headphones are wireless Bluetooth-enabled listening devices with plenty of child-friendly features. Sized for children 4-years and older, these padded earmuff-style headphones are designed to stay put.

The company is so sure of their ingenuity, they offer customers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee in addition to a lengthy warranty. They are also philanthropically inclined. In fact, a small portion of each headphone purchase goes toward bullying prevention and awareness in schools.

If that sort of progress isn’t enough to have you hooked, LilGadgets is also an extremely environmentally friendly company that has made some serious commitments toward waste reduction and carbon offsets development for their company.

Expert Engineering

The LilGadget headphones are expertly engineered to enable a premium audio listening experience for little ones. They boast a long battery life, with up to 12 hours of Bluetooth-enabled listening per a single charge.

While the headphones are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices, they also come with a 3.5-millimeter AUX cable. This fallback option enables users to connect to a device without having to use battery power.

The headphones are made from high-quality polycarbonate that is reinforced by extremely durable and long-lasting steel extenders. Each pair features an integrated SharePort, which allows multiple children to listen to the same device without having to use one of those old-school headphone splitters.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Children have their choice of five unique colorways, including black, green, purple, pink, and white. Each pair of headphones comes with a soft storage bag for safe transportation and storage.

Meanwhile, headband and ear pads are covered with a soft breathable mesh that prevents the buildup of moisture and germs.

  • Both compatible with Bluetooth as well as a traditional headphone cable
  • Features padded earmuffs and covered in a soft mesh fabric
  • Stays on children’s heads
  • 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed
  • Can be endlessly linked with other LilGadget headphones thanks to the sharing port
  • Volume control button
  • Various LED light modes
  • Foldable design
  • Expensive
  • Minimal noise cancellation

3. MindKoo – Cat Ear Headphones (Best Price)

MindKoo Cat Ear Headphones review

These affordably priced cat ear headphones are a great option for any stylish, animal-loving child in your family. They feature loads of useful features, including Bluetooth compatibility, LED glowing lights, and an optional AUX jack.

They are also incredibly plush, which makes them a suitable option for elongated listening sessions. They also happen to be backed by a generous 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

A Distinct Design

The MindKoo headphones come in four different colors, including black with blue highlights, light pink, white with pink highlights, and pink with white highlights.

They can be synced to nearly any device, including most tablets, phones, and laptops. The cushioned ear cups swivel for storage. Meanwhile, the headband is adjustable in size for unmatched user comfort and control.

Priced to Sell

At just under $30 a pair, the MindKoo cat ear headphones take home the title as our most affordable headphones for children. The built-in microphone makes these unique listening devices great for video chats or online gaming. They can even be utilized for hands-free phone calls.

What’s more, these headphones boast easy access to button controls. These can be used to do things such as change a song, alter the volume, or play around with the LED light modes.

  • Stylish cat-inspired design with glowing LED lights
  • Compatible with both a Bluetooth and AUX jack
  • Extremely affordable
  • Soft fabric-lined ear cups
  • Comes in multiple colorways
  • Volume control
  • Plastic is not extremely durable
  • Hair can be snagged by headband

4. eKids – Best Theme Headphones

 eKids Graphic Headphones review

eKids makes ten different movie-themed Bluetooth headphones. Each pair of headphones features a unique colorway and detailed embellishments on both the headband and ear cups.

While aesthetically pleasing, these headphones are also premium performers. They boast volume control, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in microphone.

Children have their choice between a wide range of movie themes including cult classics, such as Black Panther and Star Wars.

Extended Use

The eKids Bluetooth headphones provide a whopping 18 hours of continuous playtime. They also come with a 3.5-millimeter audio cable can be attached to the AUX jack for battery-free listening.

They have an adjustable headband with super plush ear cups. Meanwhile, the headphones can be folded, making them ideal for travel and backpack storage.

Volume Control

The highest decibel level available with these is 85, making these headphones incredibly safe for youngsters. The volume switch is somewhat concealed behind the headband but still easy to access.

The extendable headband means that most adults can use these headphones too. The materials are extremely durable, making them a great choice for destruction-prone little ones.

The headphones also boast a built-in active circuit that produces clear acoustics.

  • Bluetooth compatible with an optional AUX jack
  • Several commercial movie designs and colorways to choose from
  • Padded ear cups and an extendable headband that can even fit adults
  • Affordable
  • USB line-in cord
  • Foldable
  • No storage bag included
  • A limited number of movie designs

5. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Wave – Best Waterproof Headphones for Kids

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Wave Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids review

BuddyPhone Wave wireless Bluetooth headphones enable a safe listening experience for youngsters. In fact, these headphones limited the maximum volume to considerably safe levels, including 75, 85, and 94 decibels.

One of the most unique features of these headphones is they are water and spill-proof with a rating of Ip67. They are also compatible with all Bluetooth devices within 30-feet.

Their battery life is extensive too. As a matter of fact, a single charge can last up to 10 days when used for 2 to 3 hours per day.

Soft as a Pillow

These headphones are incredibly comfortable. They boast an adjustable headband and hypoallergenic ear cushions.

If your child is someone that often misplaces their possessions, you’ll love the custom name tags. What’s more, an integrated audio cable splitter makes these headphones suitable for a shared listening experience.

Unique Appearance

One of the best parts of the BuddyPhone headphones is their colorful, child-friendly skins. Skin options include a yellow honeycomb with bee accents, a green headband with an illustrated monkey, a blue and white robot scheme, and a unicorn theme with a hidden rainbow.

These whimsical skins appeal to modern-day children and make these headphones great gifts. Best of all, each BuddyPhone headphone set is backed by a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • Comes with gold-plated BuddyCable for shared listening
  • Comes with a 2.5-foot cable for battery-free listening
  • Rechargeable battery with an extremely long life
  • Study mode with vocal clarity at 94 decibels
  • Comes with a soft travel bag
  • Collapsible
  • Wonderful designs for young children
  • Waterproof
  • Expensive
  • Fragile materials

Best Wireless Headphones for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Headphones for KidsIf you have a young child, chances are they are going to request or need a pair of headphones at some point.

Before you settle on an inexpensive pair of earbuds or spend an egregious about on a pair of Beats, consider purchasing a safe and affordable pair of over-the-ear headphones.

Read along to learn more about important considerations when it comes to child-sized headphones.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Pair of Children’s Headphones

Volume Control

According to medical professionals, children’s headphones should always offer to cap audio volume at a safe threshold. Science tells us 85 decibels is a safe yet audible volume that is ideal for young children.

Many children’s headphones offer a few optional volume settings, most failing to rise above 94 decibels. It is important to note that headphones with easy-to-access volume buttons make it easier for children to by-pass safe volume levels. As such, headphones with lockable settings are ideal for mischievous little ones.


Best Wireless Headphones for Kids - ComfortMost pediatricians warn that earbuds pose a danger to little ones when inserted directly into the ear cavity. These devices have the potential to irritate or damage the ear canal. Meanwhile, over-the-ear headphones are typically more comfortable and minimally distracting.

They also produce a more resilient sound barrier than the earbud alternatives. Also, they stay put. What’s more, parents don’t have to worry about finding a precise size as long as the headband is adjustable and age recommendations line up.

When looking for a comfortable pair of headphones, there are a few dependable mainstays. Adjustable headbands are ideal for the heads of growing children.

What’s more, hypoallergenic padding prevents the potential for allergy-related irritation. Beyond that, soft, breathable fabric covers make headphones wearable for an extended period of time.

Battery and Bluetooth

Best Wireless Headphones for Kids - Battery and BluetoothMany modern headphones are Bluetooth-compatible. This means they can be utilized without the use of a cable. This is ideal for children because it removes a strangling hazard.

Not to mention, dealing with knotted cords is quite the nuisance. With that being said, Bluetooth-compatible headphones depend on some sort of battery power, which is yet another element that demands our consumer attention.

Quality Bluetooth headphones contain rechargeable batteries with an extended life. Some batteries can last as long as several days when used for a limited number of hours per day.

Meanwhile, most headphones also feature an option AUX-in port, so that they can also be used the old fashion way too.

Sound Cancelling

Good children’s headphones are also noise canceling. This helps children to maintain their focus. It also improves the quality of the audio being transmitted through the headphones.

Unlike earbuds, earmuff-style headphones are more likely to be noise canceling. The thick padding helps to provide an airtight barrier between your child’s ears and the outside world.

Aesthetic Design

Best Wireless Headphones for Kids - Aesthetic DesignChildren’s headphones typically come in brighter colors and boast more whimsical designs than the adult ones.

The headphones on our list feature a diverse lineup of colorways and skins.

Popular skins include animals, symbols, and pop culture references.

Playful, unique designs help children to identify their possessions better.

Personalized headphones also make excellent gifts for little ones.


Many manufacturers back their headphones with money-back guarantees and extended warranties. These protect consumers from having to take a loss over a defective product.

Most of the products we reviewed boasted warranties that were one year or longer. Beyond this, it is important to look for a company with a reputable customer service. Those that offer 2/7 email and chat automatically catch our attention.

Storage and Travel

Since headphones are typically used with portable devices, it is best if they can fold into a small shape for easy transportation. Better yet, consumers should be on the lookout for pairs that collapse. Bonus points go to brands that give you a soft carry case.


Best Wireless Headphones for Kids - DurabilityOne of the most common complaints about headphones is that they break easily.

You’ve got to anticipate that any pair of headphones you buy your child is going to take a beating.

Headphones are often lugged around at the bottom of a child’s backpack if not carelessly tossed on their bedroom floor.

For this reason, we are a huge advocate of fabric-covered metal frames and cordless options.

While plastic is soft and pliable, metal is more resilient to being toppled with school books.

Common Kid Concerns

Best Wireless Headphones for Kids - Common Kid ConcernsNow that we’ve covered all the considerations that would concern adults, let’s focus a bit on what children look for in their headphones. First of all, the more colorful and fun the better.

There are so many engaging and meaningful designs out there. Some products even boast kitschy accessories and LED lights. Talk to your child about what sort of headphones appeal to them.

Beyond that, most children can’t stand products that are uncomfortable. Common complaints about headphones are that they are too tight, sharp, itchy, loose. What’s more, some headphones are more prone to trapping hair than other.

Chances are your child won’t get the opportunity to try on headphones before making a purchase. Therefore, look for items that are backed by positive customer reviews. Finally, opt for products that are covered in plush padding and breathable fabric.

Best Wireless Headphones for KidsFinal Thoughts

Choosing a pair of headphones for your child can be a dizzying experience. On one hand, you want to choose a pair that will please your child while providing them with a high-quality audio experience.

On the other hand, you want a pair that will be both safe and reliable. We chose five unique products to test and review, all of which managed to either meet or exceed these contrasting objectives.

We hope that this, alongside our buying guide, helps to provide you with some positive guidance as you navigate the world of child-friendly headphones. Happy listening!